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174 Chap 5 . Ora Expofition sipo the Boo(of J O B. Verf. t, divinefcrvice,filch are the Saints; perfons feparated from the world, and Pet apart unto God ; The Church in general ( which is a company of Saints) is taken out of, and fevered from the world : The Church is a fountain Pealed, and a Garden inclofed ; fo alfb,every par ticulcr Saint is a perfon fevered and inclofed from the common throng and multitude of the world : Come outfrom among them, and be yefeparatefaith the Lord, and touch no unclean thing, and 1 will receiveyou, 2 Cor.6. 17. Turn thee] it is both a witty and judicious conceit that Elipbaz diludere vide- irr thefe words alludes to painters or Picture-drawers, who when rut ad prtt.,rer they axe drawing the Picture of a Man, or ofan other thin frc- qui frequenter Y Y g ad protorypum quently turn their eyes upon the proto-type,upon that which they 79 exemplar, to draw by : when a man fits (as they fpeak) to have his Pi- qua(' inctrari dure taken, the Arid( turns hiscye often upon him ; fo here, to conarttur,00tttcs which of tkreSaints wilt thou turn thee to fee thy tf ure or to fee dirigunt CY ad Y p illud couine. any one like thee ? where wilt thou looknow,and by lookingob- tuntur. fcrve a Saint of thy complexion, a holy man like thy felf ? If the piCiures of all the Saints were loll, none of them could befound in, Verbum t l)E or coppied outfrom,thee. The word whichwe tranflate turn,doth canicere rúae not 1i trifle limply to look about or turn theeye, but to turn the refpicerefgni- g p Y Y ficat,auc ali- eye about with much intentionor enriofity of obfervation, to quid intucri, make a difcovery, and find out fomewhat. Sometime it lignifies fed cum qua- to look -in compaffion,Pfal,2-.i6. Turn thee unto me (faithDavid) dam animi in_ and have mercy upon tne,for I am very low : To look in companion, wive, f5 notes a flrilnefs ofobfervation, to find out what charity or mer- cy fhould fupply : fucha look or view ofhis ellate Daviddefired, that God would turn his eye upon him : to what end ? that, he might confider and find out all his neceflities. and in mercy fuc-- cour him. So then, To which of the Saints wilt thou turn? founds thus much, upon what Saint wilt thou fix thine eye, to find thy own likencfs, a reprefentation of the fufferinfs thou bearefl, or of thy bearing thefe fu.fferings ? Take the femme and fence of the whole verfe thus ; Call over the roll or catalogueof all the Saints, which either ever were, or at this dry are upon the fa -e of the earth, See, ifthere be any whofe condition or .allions will anfwer in pro, onion unto thine; turn thine eye upon all the holy ones, fee if thou cantt obferve any like thy felf, in the matter or manner of thy afiW.iions, in the dealings of Godwith thee, er in thy complain- ings againft God, Job, thou ftandeft alone for all the Saints, gee