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Chap. 5. An Expofition upon the Book of O B. Verfe. a. a75.- goe to thefoolsof the earth, and to the prophaner Infidels, among them thou mayeft haply meet thy pattern, and among their records read the jiory of thy own impatience and mifcarriage : For (as it followes) Wrath k£Ileth thefciolifh, and envyflayeth the filly one. How like fool and filly one art thou,who half thus almoft vext thyfelf to deathat tbyown troubles, andpineff with envy at the prof- petit) of others. Such teems to be the connexion and dependance of the fecond verfe with and upon the firft,which I fhall prefent ly defcend to open, when I have added an ob[ervation or two from the former already opened. It was good advice which Elipbaz gaveJob in that condition, namely to take view ofthe Saints, and to compare himfeif with them : Thence obferve , Ir is profitable for us to look to the exa otple ofthe Saints, either thofedeparted, or thofe alive, and by them to examine, both what 'rre de, and howwefuffer. God hath given us,not only his word for a ru?e,but he bath gi- ven us examples as a rule,to walk by. He hath given us his own example,that, we lookingunto him, thould be holy ac be is holy in all manner of converfation ; beye holy ac I am holy.: God, who is The holy one, is the higheff pattern of holinefs. And he hath given us his Son, ;rho is the exprefs image of bis perfon, andthe brightnefs of his glory, tobe our example. The life of Chrif is a fair copy indeed, a copy without any blot, or uneven letter in it ; For, He alfo is The Holyone. Chrift is not only The principal of holinefs, but alfo The patternofholinefs to his people ; they thatfay they . abide inborn muff walkeeven ache walked; His works, (excepting thofe which were miraculousand works of mediation between God and us)are our rule, as well as his word, Heb I2 ;2. Looking unto f efis the Author andfnifher of ourfaith, whofor the joy that was let befrrebim,&c. words ofnear importance with thofe in the Text, Towhich of the Saints wilt thou turn tbee ? Look to Jefus; when thou art in fufferings and have a raceof patience to run, let your eye alwayes be upon Chrift, and draw the lines of your car- riage,both in your fpirits and outward aóions,according to what you fee in him,Lookto Him : And. verf 3. Confider him that endu- red fucih contradielionsof/inners. Which the Apoflle Peter (t Pet. 2.21.) gives us irr plaint- termes, For evens hereunto were ye called, becaufe -Corij á1fo fufferedfor Hs, leaving an example that we fhoald follow -hey 7teps We-