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Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf. 3, 4. ned the hands 3. Supportatioti of the weak, Thy word; have ttpholden him th,t was falling. 4. Confolation ofthofe who were ready to faint, Thou halfftrertgthened :be feeble knees. Here you fee thetóur ufes, which job made in his count-ell% s Tim. 3. tá.. Firft, ofinttruckion; Secondly, of Exhortation ; Thirdly, of Ad- monition; Fourthly, of Confolation 4 Joy was a perf'e t Preacher, he applies the word to all the fervices and ends ofit, refpeaing the feveral conditions, tempers, or diltetripers, of thofè with whom he had to doe. Further, force take the three latter tobe, but as explications or branches of the fìrft ; Behold thou halt inftruFied many, namely, concerning the nature of afiaions,and their duty in the bearing affliction; yea thou hail iufiruaed them fo tarre, that thou halt ffrengthened the weak hands upholden thoua that-werefailing, and ,strengthened the feeble knees. I come now to the opening of the feveral exprcfúons. Thou haft inftrulledmany.] The word which we tranflatehe- ftruZled, figuifieth both to correct and to teach ; and the Hebrews Erut!ivtr)ca. give the reafon of it, becaufe ufùally with infáruction,corretion flgavit is joyned: and fo the fame Greek word lignifies both to teach and tres precep- to chailen : As there is a voice of the Rod,infiru&ion in correcfi- tores folent pu- on, fo a Rod fometimes goes with the voice,eorrec`tion is help- er,s Yeefponder ful to infiruction: ineither or both the fenfes,we may underhand Gr`coram l- it here,t/eou haft intrusted many, thou haft taught and direacd, dutar docrre .Ít f y verbis e9' thou haft (where need was) chaftnedand corrected many. beriltus: Many] We have heard in the firft Chapter,that yob prayed for his Ctildren, for his Sonnes and Daughters; but now we fee Jobs piety extended further then his own children.Yea, the word may well be carried out beyond h is own family.Hc prayed for his children,and not only did he pray for them,but alto teach and in- ftruct them,and not only them,but otheis,hc inlarges his S..hool, he inftructs many ; it is an indefinite word, a wcrd of number without a number. jobs School of ho'y difciplinc was a large rm. one he let up his School where -ever he came; he was an univer- ilis,larcr. fal Teachers an Apoftle of the old World; thin haft inftrteled h:ephror many, tuos,e a 9uod Andthou haft ffrengthened the weak,hands. ] rnrttùAm;e r 'Ale Cs" wire The word fignifes,Remifsbands, or the hands tbat hang down navoaleseln- loofe and lax.lïience by a Metaphor it notes one,that is negligent sues.:nt. or