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Chap. 4. An Expofttion upon the Boom of J O B. VerC I. minds, and when our thoughts are forrn'd and organized as it were, and grown to perfection, when thole children come to the birth, a little ftrength will bring them forth ; Or rather, great ftrength cannot keep them, from being brought forth. It is as pefíible for her that is with child to with -hold the birth, as it is for thofe that have pregnant conceptions, or an errand from God, to with-hold themfclves from (peaking. WhenDavid kept thence (it is a ffrange connexion) he roared, Pfd.; 2.3. when he held his peacefrom good,his forrowwas itirred,P'J:;139.2. Pangs took hold on him as upon a woman in travel, which made him roar. His heart wait hot, and the Sire burned, till lac fpake with his tongue. He was then delivered. Our Englilh pfhrafe ofDeliverioog a mans mind,may hit this fenfe well.Theirhearts are barren, whole mouthes are alwayesjh er, Who can with-hold bienfe1J fromfpeak- ing ? But what is it that he could not forbear? He could not forbear to tell him, that as he fappoCed) headed againtt his own prin- ciples. Behold thouhaj# inffru;ledmany, and thou haft firengthened Este do6orem the weak hands, &c. egregium! Beholdl This word is fometime tared in a way of derifion, as lcce medicum Gen. 3. 22, where God faith concerning Adam, Behold the man stiorum gut fe- is become as one of us, do you not fee what a God he is? how like tpfeim caure God he looks ? fo Behold thou ha f ina.ruéled man neicit. J y, (fomc make that the fenfe) fee now your great Teacher, your learned Dntor; he that bath been fo forward and bufie in teaching others, fee in what diforder, how uncotnpofed he is himfelf, he would needs phyfick his Neighbours, but knows not how to cure his own diflempers. But rather take it by way ofafIeveration. Bebold,as if he íhould fay, this is a thing clear and certain, all that are about thee can whiles it, that thou hat} inttrufked many, and that thou haft ftrengthened theweak hands. But how art thou changed ? thou art not like the man thou waft. tndofiordee- Hereare four fpecial asof fpiritual charity, fo we may call re; diftinguifh them. Firlt,in(iruding of the ignorant; fecondly, 2 Tvrpeuewex- encouraging (tithe weak and tloathful;thirdly,fupporting ofthofe cave. entes are re tdy to fall ; and fourthly, comforting thofe that are 3 d_ eri- here. ready to faint. In there four duties Job had beenvery converfant. 4 M.rJbscor!. r. inttrut`.tion of the ignorant , Behold thou ha,Sf i.oftrxe-led many. ;fat.ri 2. Encouragement of the weak and floathful, Times hafi Jtrength. nad