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1 ti Chap. q.. An Expofition upon she Book of J O' B. Verf. 3, 4, Thy words have upheldhim that was falling. Some afllif,}ions lie fo hard and heavy upon us, that they doe not only weaken,but call down : lob flood ready to uphold fuch as were ready to fair timely advicemay catch a man before he is quite down, andpre - from t7imn vent his fall. 17iti The word which we tranflate faüing,fignifies in its first fenfe,to lmpicgere& Rumble or ftrike the foot againfi a thing,and fo it is put for that q""df`peo°"- which is the confiquent of Bumbling, faring : he that (hikes his fequiiur ruere, radert. foot or Stumbles at a thing,is in danger ola fall. So /12.40.30. The young men fball utterly fall, it is this word, but doubled, fail ing they(hall fall, that is, they Shall utterly fall. There is a threefold falling mentioned in Scripture. 1. There;is a falling into lin, Gal. 6. 1. If a man be overtaken goVc' err_ in afault:that word (like this Hebrew in the Text)tìgnifies,a fall cipuèfignj&at taken by humbling or tripping upon any thing, that lyes in the peccatavBita. way. In this fenle we underhand thefall of Adam, the fall ofAn_ E1Q'a els and the falls ofthe Saints. m. ?i.l, ad 9 vs hum pre- 2. There is a falling into afllic` ion, a falling into trouble ; So ter ead-recum Prov. 24. 16. ?he juts manfleshf ven times a day ; that is, he feil. ultra re- meetsaâliC.Sion at every turn, he falls into trouble almoh at every Bari jadns il. f;p. Seven timesa day, is very often in the day, or often every demow eti- day. amlevioribus 3, There is a falling under trouble. And ofperfons falling fo ufurpa Jar , we arc chiefly to underhand this Text.Many fall into trouble,who in compefiti. PIS yet ( through the hrength ofChrilt ) hand firmly under trouble. nitwit fenfura. Others no tooner fall in, but they fall under it. The fhoulders of fome, are not able to bear a light afifi<ion, and the afflietions of othersarc foheavy, that no fhoulders are able tobear them ; the back breaks, the fpirit finks under the load. To fuch as thefe jab lent his hand, his thouiders his eons fcl was as a faffe in their hands, as ligaments to their loynes and knees. jobwas well skild in felting propsand buttreffes ofholy advice, to fuch tottering fouls. Thou haft upheld him that falling. We may take the words in all , or either ofthefe three interpretatins, yet molt properly of the latter. Thou baftflrengthened thefeeble knees. The Hebrew word for Genuquod,fla a knee, fignifies (in the root) to biefsor to pray, becaufe in bief- foie: in be- Ping and praying for one,or in faluting , we life tobow the knee. ned, hits bw And hare, what we tranflate thefeeble knees, is word for word the íg falut,uioni- k*ees ; becaufe when knees bow and buckle or 1cioublc un sler