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Chap. o<. An Expo fition upon tliel¿. Bof ) O B. Verf. 3 4 der us, it proceeds from weakncfs and teeblenefs, hence the bow- ing knee is called the feeble knee, Dan.6.5,it is laid of Belfhazzar, bit knees fmete one againft the other ; he fainted, his fpirits tank within him, then his knees ( as a fymptome ofhis fear ) beat one against another. The hangingdown ofhands, notes a kind ofde- fpair in regard ofprefenc evils ; and feeble quaking knees, feeme to referre to force expct`ed evil. Taking the words with that dif- ference, jobs work otlove appears more full ; he not onlyupheld in prefeut troubles,but labour'd to firengthen against fuch as were to come Thou haftinjtrueied many, and intruded them many, even all thefe waycs. We may note, Firft, That to teach, injtrult, and comfort others, is not only a mans duty, but his praife, for here Eliphaz (peaks it in a way of commendation, though with an intent to ground a reproofupon it. Job himfclf (peaks of what he had done in that kind,as a de- fence of his own innocence, Chap. 29. veil-. 21 &c. Vnto me men gave ear and waited, andkept _Pence at my conuf el ; after my words theyfpake not again, and my fpeech dropped upon them ; and they waited for me at for the Rain, and they opened their mouth wide, as for the latter Rain. This was his pradife, and this was the praife ofjob. That which the Apostle fpeaks as a fpecial qualification or gift of a Bifhop, r Tim. 3. 2. is an excellent, a noble qualiti- dlJaixrtn®-. cation in any perfon, ofwhat rank or degree foever, to be apt to teach. Secondly,Confder who job was ; he wasa holy man,orae that had much acquaintance and communion with G7a. Now though his friends mistook what was in his heart, yet they hit right upon his praife and we knowing both what his heart was, by the re- ftimonyofGod : and what his pradifc was, from the teiiimony of men,may ground a fecond poynt upon it. That Juchas knowGod ix trxtb and bolinefs, are very ready to communicate theknow_ , eurem ejl ledge ofGodstnto others. They who know God themfelves, are core¡oreleemo. desirous that others fhould know God.too. David(Pfal, 51..43.) fyne, pod ma_ promifethandprofeffeth, that he would communicate his experi- c©USiaifa. ekesofGods love, in pardoning his fin, when he had tatted the ricero rudee fweetnefsofa pardon. Then will I teach tranfgreffors thy way!, fegneredbeM and fnuers(ball be converted unte thee : when my heart °hath agendum citi, learned more of God, others (hail learn more of God from my mulare, laben- mouth. This is fpiritual charity, and it is the molt excellent and remerigen, noblelt charity ofall, Charity to the foul is the foul ofcharity, tonfL Ya Pori, charity