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job ag ,g. Gen. 18.17, 18,19 1 ° %1i-1 Gen. 14, Pray, za. 6. Chap. ,}. An Expofition upon the Book of O B. Verf. 3+'4' charity to the better part, is the bell charity. In this fence alto jobwas eyes to the blinde,andfeet to the lame,by guiding them to ice, and by directing their feet to walk in the wayes of God. To give knowledge is better then to give Goldt jnfiruetion is the highett alines. Thirdly.,if we confider yob (ofwhom all this is affirmed) as he was a great rich manrwe may note thus much That honourable and great men, bole nothing of their honour andgreatnefr by de- feendingto the.infiru:Won of others, though their inferiours. Sotne think it belongs only unto Minitlers to initruct ; What, we in- flruct. They relent it as a difparagenent : they truft out that work wholly into the haudsofothers. W here thall we find an A- b, aham agreat Prince in his time) of whom God gave this Tct i- mony, Iknow him that he will oommand h. :children, &c.-andthey frail beep the wayof the Lord: and, becaufe he was willing to teach others, God condefcends to teach him : shall Ihide from Abraham that thingwhich I doe. They receive molt knowledge, who are molt ready to impart it. And we findbefore this, Abra- ham fo teaching, that he had an Army offcholars in his houfc.The.Text faith, when heprepar'd for that expedition to refcue,his'Nephew Lot,that he arrned:'thrrehundred & eighteen of his trained, catechized,or infiructed fervants.The word ligni- fis, to train in the PrinciplesofReligion, as well as in the po- ftures of war : being the fame ufed in the Bookof Proverbs, for teaching.a child the firft elements of holy knowledge. And that placeot Gelíeiìs may very.:well comprehend both. Fourthly, obferve,.That charity; efpecialiy fpiritual charity, is very liberal and open-hearted. Job instructed not onlyhisown,but he infiructed others,he initrueted many;he didnot confinehisdo- urineand.his advice to his own wal ls,but the found thereof went whcrcfoever he went ; he inftructed many. And ifjob,who had ria. fpeciál;no direct 'eailing to itywere teacher ofmany : what 1hall we think ofthófe,w``.oíècaliing & buhnefs it is to teach, and yet not teach any at all? -their trade;theirprofdlion is to teach,yet they are fO far from teaching rnany,that they teach none,& which is worfe, they hinder teaching,they flop the mouth of the teach- er,S& (iftheycan) the ear of the learner, they take away the key of knowledge, 71rey. neither opeh the door thin-delves, ,ior Iiisfet thofeithat would _ This is the veryfpirit of wickednefs:And bled _ fed be God,whofe [nightypower bath fo graciously call -out and difpoffett