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hap. 4, Are Expoftion upon the book of J O B. Vcrf5. knoweft not what. The word is tranflated in the firft Verfe by greived : in other Scriptur,s by mad andPuri. ut (Prow. 26. 18.) As a mad-man who ca;teth fire brands, é7°e. And whereas we lay (Gen. 47; 13 ) the land of Egypt fainted by reafon of the famine, many reader it, the land of Egypt was inrsged or mad becaufe of thefamine ; want of bread turns to want of reafon, famine di^ t"fa"tvit terra firads. The Egyptians were Co extreaml pinched with hunger E pri, nae' Y P proprerfaraem that it did even take away their wits ['rem them, and fcarciry of nimiam info- food for their bodies made a dearth in their underftandings. So nirbomo. 'there is this force in the word. Thou who haft given fuch wife Furebat tern, and grave intlrudion untoothers,from thofc higher principles of brn.rurraa"u"oia grace,now it is corne upon thee, thou art even as a mad man, as a q into farms mandiftraded,not able to at by the commonprinciples of reafon monteatillis It touched' thee, ]It is the fame word which we opened before. aclimente fane, the Devil defired that he might but touch lob; no.v his friends !en in Inc. tell him he is touched. trm Andthou art troubled.]That word alíobath a great emphafis in lignifies a vehement amazed trouble ; as in that place( a Sam. 28 21.) where when the womaa,the Witch of Endor,had raifed up Samuel (inappearance) as Saul defired, the Text faith, that when all was ended 1be came unto Saul, andf re faze he was fore troubled:think what trouble might fall upon a man in fuch a con- dition as Saul was in, after this acquaintance with the vi(ions of Hell, think what a deep aftoniflunent of fpirit feis'd upon him ; fuch diforder of mind this word layes upon lob, Now it touchetb thee, and thou art troubled. Obferve hence, firft, Ts commend a man with a But,is a wound ins ezdof a commendation. Thou haft inilruded many, Tut, &c. Howmany are there who falute their friends very fair to their fa- ces, or fpcak them very fair behind their backs,yet fuddenly (as Joab to Atnafa)draw out this beret Dagger,and flab their honour and honetly to the heart. As it is faid of Naantan,a Kings 5.t.He was an honourable man,and a mighty manof valour, best he wasa Leper. So, &c. Obferve fecondly, Great afitttions may difkurbe the very feat of reaJot, and-leave a Saint in lime sets, below a mast. Some as of holinefs reprcfent the Saintsas mad -men to carnal men.. So Paul appeared to Fefiets, and fo to many of his Corinthians, 2 Ep. cap. 5.17. t 3. For whether w: be befdes ourfelves,it is to God. Workings of Grace are fometime fo far above reafon, that they D fc:cm. 7