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Chap, 4. Expofition upon the Baokôf ,.O B. Vert. 6. 13 fignifieth to exped,hope or wait : and it notes a very vehement Expeúavit intention both of body and of tuind, in waiting, expecting or ho- ná iéna né ping ; when a man waites(as it were)firetching forth his Spirit or eoper;,e- his mind, putting himfelf out exceedingly to hope or wait fora esPe- thing, PJà1. 37.9 .and IJa. 8. 17. The fame word is ufed with the ffare,arq; edC fame Emphatis. And that Greek word which the Apofle quad Paulus Faul hath(B om. 8. i 9.Jcomes up fully to it, The earneJf ttepeïtation Gr u: e _ of the 'Creature, &c. So the meaning here may be thus con- tc:,r,d,",dP,t- ceived,Is not this thy hope,or thy earneft expectation ? Is it not dbxix, come to this now ? Thou haft boafiedmuch of thy hope, what treafures thou hadll laid up in that, beyond all thy prefent poffel fons, is not all shrunk up to this, yea changed into defpair ? thy defperate fpeeches give me ground to think fo. L not this thy hope ? So much for the words. There are four interpretations givenof this verle. Iitti, Sonic make out the fenfe,by a different conftruction of the firi particle in the Hebrew, which they tranflate, not (as we) Is not ? but It1i where is? fo the vulgar and divers others, reading thus, Where is thy fear and thy confidence, tloypatience andthe perfeUion ofthy ways? As if he had Laid, what's become of all thole graces, of which thou haft fpoken, and withwhich thou hall been reported to be moll richly endowed ? where are they at this time ? in this day of thy trouble, in this dayof thy tryal ? Taking the words in this fenfe, they yield us thefe Obfervations. Firfl, That times of trouble are fpecial timerfor theufe of ourgraces. It is as if Eliphaz had faid, Thou thy fa',aud all that knew thee, have fpoken muchofthy grace,but now is the rime toufeit,where is it ? thew it me now, where is thy fear and thy confidence? ifa man have been reported very skilful at his weapon, when he comes into danger,then is the time to Phew his skill and we may fay to him where is thy skill now ? where is thy art now ? fo we fay to a man tha; bath had llore of Weapons and Armes in his houle, when the enemyapproaches, where is your Sword now ? where's your Gun ?, Where's your Artillery ? So here, Now, that thou haft molt need of thy graces, where are they ? bring them forth, are they to fuck now ? Is thy righteoufnefsas the morning dew, and as a cloud vanifhed away ? Times of'trouble will put every grace to a ltrefs ; and wehad need look to it, that we have not our graces to Peek, when we have molt need to ufe their.,; that when it fbailbe raid unto us, where is your faith? where's your hope?