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24. Chap. 4.. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Vert 6, hope ? wemay be able to hold them forth, and anfwer the que- flion in our a6ions, here they are,here is my fear,here is my con- fidence, here is my hope, here is my uprightncfs; I can [sake proofofthemìand render themviibic in my hfè : I can [( through the ftrength of Chritf) ad them, and walk according to the rule of every one of thefe graces. Secondly, from the ground of this argument, which is, that true grace holds out and perfeveres unto the end : For hereby ( faith Elipbaz ) I will convince thee for an hypocrite, and that thygrace is but a fhadow ofgrace,becaufe it is decayed and gone. This being the ground ofconvidionby thefe words,Where it tby fear ? Obferve, float falfe grace, or s (hew of grace, failes w, trben we have mot needof it. A hypocrite teems to Rand in grace, till he falls into trouble. When good is in fight, he fuppotè3 he hath a.great flock of faith ; He is loyfull in believing any thing,whcn nothing pincheshim : And when heenjoyeth what hedefìred,he hopes as much as is promifed : But when outward comforts are with- drawn and eclipfed, when he mutt live upon a word,and relieve himfelf upon invilìblcs,when he hath nothing in the creature to fupport him,and mufk trurt what he cannot fce : then this phancie of faith, this vain hope, and pretended confidence difappear, and where are they ? howmuchcharity will Come make prof Ili- on of, until a real object of charity prefent it fell ? then excufes are made,-they have but little for themfelves,times are hard, they may be fuddenly call into fireights, they know not what a day may bring forth. Falfe charity,and falfe hope vanith when they thould at their parts, and makegood what they haveprofeffed. As Cbriti (peaks of the two houfes,Mattb. 7. One built upon the rock, the other upon the find : thefe two houles were alike skil- fullyand firongly built in all appearance ; while the Sun (hone, and the weather was fair, none could difcern, but that the houfe upon the land, was built as well and might have flood as long as the other upon the rock; but when the rain fell, and the floods came, when the winds blew and beat upon the houle, then it fell, the foundation failed, and all the fair fuper(lrudions came down into the duff. Where is the hypocrite with all his faith and fear in a wet windy day ? is henot like a houfe founded on the find ? Or is not he or his goodly outfide of holy fear and hope like the Apples of Sodome (reported inHiftory) which are fair to