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Chap. 4. . Ax;Expofitiort. upon the Book of J O lÿ. Verf. 6, confidence in the wetteft day,in thematt: tenspe(tuous and /briny night that ever fell upon the fecure, (lnful world. Amanfearing God, is the only dread-naught. Secondly, We:may obferve from the other. branch, ( for the fenfe is the fame) And would not thy uprightnefs be thy áope ? Tlèe uprightnefs of : a mans .wayes in good times, cloth mightily ftrengthen his hope in evil times. When a man can look back, and approve his heart to God,that hath been upright in peace and plenty, how full of hope will I e in trouble and in wants? It was that which Hezekiah pleaded before God,in the day of his trouble and tryal,- 2 King. ao. 3. I befeech thee O Lord, remem- ber barn I have walkedbefore thee in truth andwith an upright and yerfebi heart. This was it, when he lay upon his lick-bed,and as he thought, upon his death -bed, that put life into him, and bare up his fpirit. A fourth interpretation is taken from our reading : Is not tbbit thyfear, thyconfidence, the uprightnefs of thy wayes, and thy hope? So the words contain four diftine`.k affirming Qucftions, Is not t(iis thy fear ? Isnot this thy confidence ? Is not thu the uprigbtnefr ofthy wayes? And is not this thy. hope? This is thy fear, &c. As if Eliphaz had faid, fob, without doubt thou haft (hewed all thy goodnefs at once ; or, Is not thisall that thou art able to make outand drew?Is not this alithat thou cant[ fay,for all the teftirno- ny thou canft give of thy religion andholincfs ? Haft thou not (hewed all? Surely thy great boats ofReligion is nothing but this. Eliphaz teems to call Job to make a further or clearer proof of his grace Is not this thyfear ? or if it be not, thew me tome- what elfe: Thouarta than very famous in the world,much talked of, and highly commended, for fear and for confidence, for up- rightnefs and for hope; what hall thou more to anfwer that re port, and lave thy own credit, with the credit ofshy (üends,who have, been fo large in _their commendations of, and tc(timonies concerning thee ? Note hence ; Firft, difser that unto us, which before we knew not, Is not this thy fear ? thou did lì not knowof what make or constitution thy fear was, until nowt That'sEliphaz his fup- poiition; and it is a truth ; That tome hypocrites know- not, that theirgraces are false, till they are brought to Inch tryals. They carry false, counterfeit coin about them, and fuppo(è- it current enoney,till they come to the ballance, or a touch-Done. Some are aaivc,