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Chap. 4. An"Expofitiónrìpon'the Bóok,of ,J O E. Verf. 6. x9 aflive hypocrites,who go about intentionally todeceive andput a fair mask over a filthy face. Others are paflive hypocrites,who are miCerably deceived by thecollufions ofSatan,and thebare treache- ry oftheir own fpirits.Many a man is brought to fee(which before he could not, by reafon ofthole mills of hypocrilic) what his fear is, what his faith,by thofe changes which atllifliou works in him: Secondly thus. We ought to make our graces vifible in our a&lions. Is not t his thy fear ? Shewme what thy fear is, ifthis be not,make proof of it The Apollle bids Timotby,2 Tim 4.'5. Make- fullproof of hit Minijtery. It may be laid to fome Mini- ilers, is not thisyour Miniftery ? ifit be not,make full proofofit; Or, as the Apofile James, in a cafe near this,. Jantes 2.14. 18. Swezv me thy faith by thy worts, fo we may -fay, Shea me thy fear by thy works. Is not this it ? if it be not, make it appear what it is The tree is known by the Fruits do mengather grapes of thornes, or figs of tbiftles ? or, do men gather crabs from vines, or floes from fig-trees ? As an evil tree: cannot bring forth good trust, fo neither doth a good tree bring forth evil fruit. Ifthou fayefl thou art a vine, makeproof of it,by the fruit thou bearef, , or elfe I mull conclude, thou art but a thorueor a thiflle. We may queflion many for this grace,and for the other grace they pretend unto: For their actions have not the leafl print or impr Ilion of fuck graces upon them ; if any une (hould hold forth much faith and confidence in God,and this man fhould run or take unlawful courfes, to help himfelf, might we not fay, Is this thy confidence? Or if one speaking machof confidence in God, for the aecomplifhing of a bufinefs, fhould yet fit íäll, and do nothing himfelf, might we not fay, Is this thy confi- dence? this is to tempt God, not to trufl in him. Once more,ifa man fhould profefs much confidence in God, and yet be taken up altogether about the Creature, fwallowcdup with creature - thoughts, or fwallowing in creature-delights,feeking te, and en- gaging this creature, and that creature, with neglef ofGod,may we notfay, Ir ¡hi/ shy confidence ? Hope is an anchor of the foul; but thou art driven with every blaft, in this thy hope ? Hope makes not athamed,btit theu,either art,or oughtefi to be afhamed, Het). 6. Is this thy hope ? The fear of the Lord is clean, but thou art Rom, 1.5. defiled, Is ibis tby fear ? Then again confider this,when Job carries himfelf thus in his trouble, Elipbaz Wittig him, what it not this-thy fear ? thouart furcly