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32 Chap. r}. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O $. verf7,8. fens ; true grace is alwayes alive, yet it doth not alwaycs act; it retains life, when motion is undifcern'd. Wherefore they who do . not work like then (elves, or donot workat all (-far a time) in gracious waÿes, are-not tobe concluded as having no grace; or nothing but a thew of grace. And fo much be fpoken concerning this tirfl Argument contai- ned in there fix verfes, the conviCfion of job, from his failing in the of ings of his grace>theputting forth of that fruit which tor- rnerly he had-born and fhcyved to the world. g ] O S, Chap. 4. Verf. 7, 8. Rewcmber I pray thee, who ever perifhedbeing innocent? tir where were the righteous cut of ? Even as I have fee's, they thatplough iniquity, andfow wickednefr, reap thefame. IN there two vcrfes,and the three following, Eliphaz coucheth and confirmeth his fecondArgument,whcreín he further be- fpatters theinnocency of lob, and hopes to convince himof hy- pocrifie. The Argument is taken from the confiant experience of Gods dealings in the world,Remember, I pray thee, who ever perifhed being innocent ? We may give it in this form. Innocent perlons perifh not,righteous men are not cut off. Eut Job, thou perifheft, and thou art cut off. Therefore thou art no innocent or righteous perfon. The major propofìtion is plaine in the fcventh verfe ; for that queltion, trim ever perifhed being innocent ? or where were the righteous cut off ? is to be refolved into thisNegation, No inno- cent perfou everperifhed, nor were the righteous ever cut off And Eliphaz conceiveth this to be fo clear a truth, Iliac he challengeth yob to give one initanccto the contrary, out of his own experi once; he appeals to experience (which is a thong way ofarguing) Renumber Ipray thee, who ever perifhed being innocent ? thew me theman, and withal he profeffeth,that he-could give many inffan- ces er examples out of his own expericrice,thàt wicked men have perifhed and were cut off, this he doth-in the eighth verfe, Even ai Ihave lien, they thatplough iniquity andfour wickednefs; reap thefame ; which he iniarges in the three following vetrfes, by the biaft