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chap. 4. An. Expofition upon the boot of JO B. Verfì7. Remember now Ipray thee, who ever perifbed being innocent ? or where ,vere the righteous cut of ? Here are four terms to be opened, perifhed, cut off, innocent, righteous. We will confider firtt what we are to undertland by perifbing, and by cutting off. Secondly,whomwe are to undertland by innocent and righteous perms. And then apply the whole ten tence;by (hewing wherein the truth of this propofition ttands,that a righteous nun or an innocent perfoncannot pertfb-or be cut off; The word which we translate perifbed, hath divers fignificati- 1724 ons. fird, a turning to nothing, an utter confumption, which is to perifh as a beaft,Ffi1.49 20. TheHoly Ghofi defcri ing a man who is not acquainted withGod in his greateft etlatc, compares him thus ; Man being in honour, and not understanding (fc. the things of God) becometh like the beafts that perifh ; not that he p:rilheth as a bead doth,but he is like a perifhing beat ; the timi- litude is not in perifhing, but in his qualities who peritheth, he hath but fuch qualities, he is (upon the matter)cven of as grofs a temperas a peddling bead. Secondly, to perrth fignifies to dye. The diffolution of man,or the dif union of foul and body, Ifi.. 57.1. is thus, exprefl, the righteous perifh, that is, they dye, as is explained afterward, they are taken awayfrom the evil to come, they reft in their beds, fc. in their graves: fo Matth. 8. 25. Miffer, fave us we perifit, fay the Difciples, when they thought they thould all be drowned. Lord help us, or elfe we all die pre fently : and fo we tranllate fob 34. 15. where Elihk fpeakingof the power of God thus defcribes it ; 1}' hefbould but (hem himfèlf, a6' flefh (faith he) fh ill perifh together, daft is, allflefh (hall die, they are not able to (land before Gods power and greatnefs a the word which he ufeth there, flriâly 3713 taker, fignifies,to expire or give up the gho(t,yet we translate it, allfief') fhall peri(h together that is, they dull all give up the gho(i and die, if God should appear in his power andgreatnefs. Thirdly, by perifhing wernay undertland outward afiEions and troubles falling upon.eithcr godly or wicked: thefe are called perifhing (fnfh.z3.13.) f ofhuz tells the people, Ifyou will not obey and walk according to the Commandements of God, ye'hail quickly perijh from offthis good Land; that is,ye (hall b reinov ed by out- ward afilif ions from your Land., you (hall go into captivity. And fo, If 1 perifb, Iperifh, faith Eftóher, Cha?. 44 17. that ís,if I bring