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Chap An Expoftionupon the Bo®k of O F. Verf. !: '. amotgbeafis , tyranny muff have flrength to back it. Hence they who mean to oppre-fs, fortifie themfclves with titles and privi- ledges, with honours and relations. Solomon confidcring the op.. pre(íìons that were under the Sun, obfcrves tears on the one fide, and firength on the other ; On thefideof the oppreffors there roas power, Ecclef. 4, t. 4. Theyare Lyons too,in regardof their fubtilty ; The Lyon isa Lubtil creature, as well as a lirong creature, he bath a great flock of policy, as well as power though we u fually oppofè the Lyons skin, and the Foxes skin, yet many times they both meet in one ; Some are double skin'd as well as double cloath'd : Hence we have that phrafe, Pfal,ro. 9. (comparing a wicked man to a Lyon)He lyeth in waitfeetetly,as a Lyon in his den ,, which teach - eth us, thtt the Lyon waites and watches for his prey; And fo do . thefe wicked men, (Pfal. 17. 12.) Like as aLyon that is greedy of his prey, and as it were ayoung Lyon, lurking in f Bret places. 5. They are like Lyons efpecially in their cruelty,in blood-fuc- king cruelty ,. the Lyon is a devouringbeafl, therefore when the Devil is called a Lyon, it is Paid, hegoeth about to devour. And God himfelf (when he would be exprefl in his refolutions of judgment, fo as he will not have mercy upon any man,or upon a nation) is pleated to take upon him this name too, Hof 5 14. I will be unto Ephraim as a Lyon, andas ayoung Lyon to the heufe of Judah, 1, even I, will tear and go away, and none fhall refcue him; that is,I am refolved to execute judgment to the uttermoft tipon him ; So Chap. 6. j. The Lord bath torn, which is (proper- ly) the adt of a Lyon : And Job(Chap. io. 16.) complains thus to God, Thou buntelt me like a fierce Lyon : And (Ifa.3 8.13.) He- zekiab fearing, that God would not Phew him that mercy, to raifehim from ficknefs, cries out, as aLyon, fo will he break all my bones. So that when the Lord would exprefs himfelf in ways of judgment, and refolvednefs to go on in judgment, he takes upon him the name of a Lyon ; but fuch is the very nature of wicked men: Such the Prophet Micah befpeaks (Chap. 3. 2.) Hear this 0 beads of Jacob, andye Princes ofthe boufe of Ifrael;it i net for you to knowjudgment ? who hate the goodand love the evil, whopluck off their skinsfrom tiff them, and theirflefhfrom off theirs bones: noting Lyon-like cruelty in thole, who fhould have been as Bigheads to feed and protect the people. 6: They are compared toLyons,ba regard oftheir terrible roa- ring,