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.6¢ Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Bookof j O B. Ve fg 4nimrlia jar ring, the Lyon roarcth terribly ; fo terribly, that when theLyon tiavecemadunt roareth,thcbeans of the forreft tremble. The Naturalilts obferve, grave: tit Lee that though many creatures arc fwifter of foot,then the Lyon,yet é9 Tama. whenhe roareth, they fall down, and he overtakes themwith his AnO. Tanta tQi to. al.oui(hing voice ; fo Tyrannical men, with their roaringwords, ca elicteed.e their loud thseatnings, often affright and daunt the poor. ,arurapr4itit '7. They refemble Lyons, in thefowrnefs and flernenefs of inßrumenr° us their countenance, and cloudinefs of their browcs . Much ofmans entntalis long è t fo 1i, bears is teen in his face.; ; frowns arc as blows ; hence we call it, foolofepteugrtu brow-beating : The love of God, is expreffed by the pleafant- (a tonrur. ea. net of his face, and the light ofhis countenance ; So alto is the tii. Heaan4 love of man ; and we may fee what the intent ofanother is,in his Hamrl. ç vet looks: Many in this ref eû Lion-like men, they have Geoaliqutdnu- Y Y arc P b;r habet circa (as Ariftotle faith of the natural Lyon) clouds and norms hanging fuoercitia, fc. about their eye brows. It was a threatning againf1 the jaw, in lbeeuw mini- cafe of difobedience, that God would feud againit them a Nation mè f`ren"m' Aria. of a fiercecountenance,which fhould not regard the pcdonoft he . old, &c. Deut. 28. 50. Laflly, they are like Lyons, in regard of their grcedinefsafter prey ; Theyhave fit their eyes bowing down to the Earth, like as a . Lyon that ia greedy of his prey, Pfal. 7. 1 r, 12. Thus you fcc,both who are here meant by Lyons,and likewife, how the refemblance or pic`äure of a wicked man, may be taken from a Lyon. Nowwhen it is faid,that, The teeth of theLyons are broken,tbat the old Lyons perifh, and theyoungLyons are ftattered abroad : By all theft exprellionsof featuring, pertíhing,and being broken to peeccs, the HolyGhat íhewes us, the utter, full and final con - fùmption of wicked men ; they arc not only touched, troubled and roofed up out of their dens ; but thcfe Lyons,old and young, are featured and confumed, They peril*. There is an opinion current among the Jewifh writers,that this verfe is to be uuderflood, as a defcription of the means or infìru- mcnts by which God deftroys wicked men, and not ;as we) of wicked men themfelves, whom God will defiroy. Junius agrees with this interpretation of the Jews, translating the two verses in this fence ; by the blaff of God they perifh, and by the breath of his noffrils they are corifuneed by the roaring of the Lyon, and by the voice of the fierce Ly ,n, and by the teeth of young Lyons they art eonJi,med ;. As if when wicked men (fo he giveth the glofs) are