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Chap. 4. An Expofttion upon the Bookpf JOB. Verf r2, fervant had, yet he bids Jobpray andoferfacriftce for them, which he would not have done, unlefs they had been upon good terms with hitrkiugeneral, and in a prefent capacity, for mercy and ac- ceptance. Now it being fuppofed that Eliphaz was a godly man, it is a fin not to be fuppofed of him, that he would make boati of afalfe revelation, and with Inch deliberate gravity put a lye upon God. Thirdly,Thematter which he profeffes to have received in this vifion,is a great and a holy truth ofGod.Man never belyes God to confirm the truth of God. When any looalt vainly ofrevelations, it is to confirm their own fancies and delufions. "Tis rare when men are fo zealous for truth,as to improve all that God hath fpo- ken in the maintenance of it ; I have not read of any that have hived a word from God , to maintain that which is really the Word of Ged. We find all along in Scripture, that when vifions from God were fairy pretended , they ever tended to fecure the heart in falle opinions, or unwarrantable pra&ifes. The Apofile Paul found many who falhfied the Ramp of the Spirit,and forged his hand and Peal toeftab.lifh error(a Tef,2.z,) dbefeechyou brethren, that you be notloon Oaken in mind,or be trou- bled, either byfpirit, or by word, or by letter, a.r frem ns, as that the dayof ChriJt is at band. That grols error was fcattered in the Churchof7heffalonica, that the day of Chrift was at hand, that in thole beginnings of the Gofpel, there fhould be anend of all things. To confirm this,falle teachers boafted of the Spirit,an im- mediate revelation front God r or a word immediately from the rnouth,er a Letter under the hand ofPaul. How aerive is error to find patronage ? It cares not whom it belyes, fo it fell may pals for truth. Thoufands love errors, but none will own them by that name.And therefore(becaufe children bear their fathers name)they would father them upon the God of truth,or upon men,mofl emi- ytf.or.Etcl t- vent for truthMontanus the Heretick,faid he had the Holy Gho(t s. c,tq, It, his Paraclete, dictating thoferroneous dos` rines to him, befiide his Propheteifes, Prifca and lïaviniíla. Mahomet, that Grandbcl 1ith impoftor,often p etendcd vifions from Heaven. And the ffory affures us,that he cunninglymade life of the difeale of his body,to perfwadehis Dilciples of the foundnefsof his dothine.For being afflicted with thefallingfel?xefs, when at any time a fit was upon him,he made the people believe that he was in an extafieor ravif4- mcnt of fpirit,at the appearance of the Angel Gabriel,who reveal- cd