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hap. AnExpofitioit upon the Boil{ of J 0.1; Verf. 12, 4. ed many myfferies to him. And hawing by long ufe and familiari- ty, taught a Pigeon to feed at his car, he by art prevailed with the people, to feed at his poyfonous mouth : as if his words had been the inCpirations of the Holy Ghotf,who (as he affirmed) carne then to him; in the form ofa Dove, and taught him thole fecrets. So then, this of Elipbaz was a true vifìon, becauttc it was the confirmation ofa truth . Invented vilions are in ufe only to gain credit to the inventions ofman, or the vilions of the Devil. Now for the matter and words ttaem :Ives, Now a thing was fearetlybrought unto me. We tranfiateEthing,] the Hebrew is [morel,] ,l word searfeeretly °7i brought unto mc, but it is ufual both in Hebrew and Greek to call ToP ie *; To ,4 thing,a word,Luk.z.i5.The Shepherds Ca id, Let usgeto Bethlem F°Z áwDa. eifo tofee this tbing,the Greek is,tofèe Ibis word which ii dare: Though verbuae alieui hcre,it is proper enough,to fay, Aword scat brought unto me. nihil alium frz. Now a thing, or a word, was brought unto nee, it was brought nijìcar Tien unto me fecrctly.The language of the Prophets was, The word of fAElamofm in the Lord came unto me. There are two words inour tranflation, alivuo, íx_ (fecretlÿ brought,) but the Hebrew is one;and that word fìgnifies uw ccgnirions to ffeal,or todo a thing by fiealth;fo it may be tranilated,A thing foturoruvr, ïr- was brought unto me byjtealtb,or svgs jfole into me : M.Broughton for luatinu near this,A fpeech came byHealth upon mei we tranilate fully to the Cril. fenfe, A ching svgsJecretly brought to rne, as if it were whifpered in j. Hof into the ear, and font in clofel y to the fpirit. And it is thus ex- v,r. preffed; by wayofoppofìtion to another way, in which God re- n33 veals his mind unto his people. He fometirrzes cornets openly and fpeáks aleud,that all may take notice,or becaufe all ought:If2.5 g. a.Cry aloud, lift up thy voice like a Trumpet. Things arc brought openly to the people, tecretly to the Prophets; what the Lord fpeaks in the ear, or to the heart ofa Prophet, that he by the Pro- phet fpeáks on the houle top to all his people, A thin; roasfecretly brought, er a thing n'as siàhijpered lento Elihbaz. But he (peaks it aloud, to Job. This word or this thing,ic Laid to be 'loin into him, - or to be bronght unto him by llealth, for three reafons, which I {hall bntanarne and proceed. Firi ,a thing drone by fleaIth, is done fuddcnly. The Thief ha- Ikn's todó tnifehicf, he makes no delayes. Then fecondiy, a thing done by ftealth is done fecretly:a Thiefcomes clofely in the dark; L 2 Health, 75