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Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Vert, 73. are, suchour anions are, or would be : Thoughts are the firti- born,the blofforns and bloomes ofthe foul; the beginningsof our firength, whether for good or evil ; therefore the Hebrew word, is elegantly tranflated froma boughor a branch,to a thought. rrz The Hebrew word .for fpeech, prayer and meditation, fprings Srirp:,item, from a root of the fame fignification; becaufe fpeech, prayer and ° ' e`c"° meditation, fpring up from the Spirit as a flalk,orbranches from Corde, :ctnrbor the flock ofa tree. t rra ösjca_ tut. Shims. There is one thing further to be observed from this word (for Mogan; meta. it is a very elegant word, and therefore Ifpenl a little the more 1!,orarumPra time upon it) In thoughts from the vifions of the night ; The . °osttinsn- word fignifies not onely a bough, but the higheft bough,tfìe top. ' fcb17, bough ofa tree : A. tree bathCome under- boughs, and focne top- ell fir;rnogenia boy gl,s, es the Prophet fpeaks f Ifa, 17. b.) Two or three ber- hu,jie was ae- ries cr ., fe top6f;:he utt rmoil bough : it is the fame word, which gfl `teat+°) here '.n the x , vc : at e thoughts ; as if Eliihaz should fay, ate etémi- in 1i oeYy :ppetmc r, O: t rgi2eff tL, £ghtl, in those voy top.bran- tarßt,me velar ches cf cry budding, whie M1, I had from the vifions of the tenera cogita_ night. The highest, the top branches which grow from the foul tiu*mfummî_ ófa godly ;nan,are for, or about the highest mercies,top.mercies, tQtef netionem for heaven and heavenly things. Awicked mans highest andup- ó¢etstendir. permofi thoughts are for the earth,his thoughts for the earth out- grow all his other thoughts : But a godlymans thoughts,for hea- ven and fpirituals,outgrow all his other thoughts;his thoughts forProminent#ael Heaven,are the highest and uppermost branches of his foul. Weurc. have this word used, in the a Kin4. 1 S. Hors long (faith Eli - fsd'"i tar z, ° ( orpuv pv tt jab) willyou halt between two opinions? That word which we tue, quodd a there tranflate opinions, is here tranfiated thoughts ; hence fme er2inoatt0Jbi render that in the Kings thus, How long do ye halt between tiro conJJst.!ercnt, topthoughts, or high thoughts I As if this were the thing which 1,"s,n tam 3a1- Elijah reproved in that people,that they had high thoughts,botli 11"),°'" ofGodand of Baal, top-thoughts of both: and they(as it were)fet 7 ar nul?aéj8 Baal, a dumb Idol, as high in their thoughts,eftimationsand Opi- compararlo. nions,as they did the living God. Why do ye halt between two z Cor °6.'5° uppermost opinions,highefl thoughts,or thoughts ofequal height Bold. concerning GodandBaal ? Your thoughts ofyour .idol, are as high as ofGod himfelf. What ! will you crake an idol with God?An Idol is a bale thing,a low thing, a thing below up- on the dunghil (therefore called a dunghil. god) The true God, is on high,he is in the higheff Heavens,he is higher then the Hea- RT ytn