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Chap.8. An Expofition,oe, on the Book of J O B. Yerí r.. But while lob ob endeavours to cleare himfelf in the opinion, or from the imputations ofóne ofhis friends,-he runnes into a further arrere :ofprejudices with,a fecond: Some of thofe arguments which he had framed to pay his debt toEliphaz, and fave his own inte- grity, being again charged uponhis account, by his frigndBildad the Shuhite ; who. prefents hirnfelf(a duty very cdmmendable)as an Advocate for God; and he conceived therewas but need he thould. job in his reply having (in his fènfe) wronged the juflice ofGod, he takes himfelfobliged to Randup and clear it, to fhew :Job his fuppofèd thine , and provoke him to repentancé,_ bothby threatnings offurther wrath,and promifes ofipeedymerçx. Thus . in general. More diflin!lly, there are four parts of Bildads fpeecti, 'Ertl, A confutation of Jobs reply to Eliphaz; and he givesit ,s tbadowed by an elegant fimilitude in-the fecond verte, How long wilt thou fpeak thefe things? a.ndho zá? longfhall thewords of thy month be like thefìrong wind ?'There's'a cenfure upon all that he had fpoken. Secondly, He gives us an affertive Qoftion,cOncerning the ¡La- i-lice ofGod; to clear it from, and let it above, whatfoever might feem to ílain it in the eyes ofmen. This we haveat the third verfe, DothGodpervertjudgement ? or dotb the Almighty pervertjuftice r Not he. Thirdly, In the bodyofthe Chapter he urges divers arguments toconfirm this conclufion, that, God isjufl.; and thefe are three headsofargument, by which.heconfirms it. Firfl , From, the example. of Jobs children, and from his own prefent, with the poflbility of hisfuture condition, in cafe he re- pent, from the third verle unto. the; eighth. The fecond argument is drawn from the teflimony ofantiquity, and that's laid down in the eighth,ninth,and tenthverts. The third argument appears in the fimilitudes a. Of a rufb orflag,in the a r, r 2.,and r 3,verfes. 2. Ofa Spiders-web, in the i4,and a 5,verfes. 3. Ofa Tree flourifhing for a time , but anon plucked up , it: The, r 6,a 7, a 8,and 1.9, verfes. Thefe are the arguments and illuflra tíons ofhis grand affertion. Voth Godpervert judgement ? or datif the Almighty perverrie o jfice ? No he loth not. And thou raayefi learn this leffonfrom thy fwn experience, from the example ofthy children, from the:teftimony