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__.-- Chap:8. VerCi> NNNOMBAWBWO ^' '; ? S . , , . . W :. . Q t 4 A N EXPOSITIO W I T H PRACTICALL OPSEKVATIONSy C O NT I N U E D Upon the Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Chapters ofthe BO OK of O B. J O B 8.1,2,3. Then anfweredEildad the Shuhite, andfaid, How long wilt thou(peakthefe things ? and how long fha l the words ofthy mouth be like aflrong wind ? .both God pervert judgement? or Both the Almighty per- vert juflice? é li Heanfwer of Eliphaz to jobs firfi coniplai tt, hath been opened in the fourth and fifth Chaptérs, together with jobs reply, in the fixth and feventh. Inwhich he labours to difafperfe and vindicate himfelffromwhat Eliphaz had rafhly taxed him with H iF i pocrfie The of y`. . name c an ,hypocrite that of a heretick) f tch , as no roan ht to ke patient under, r But