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98 _ Chap. 8. An Expofrtionupon the Book,of J OB. Verf. 1[5, Fir£t,He isnot at all changed in duties. He prayesand fns,hears and fins, profeffes and continues wicked èlofely, if not openly. Secondly, He leans upön his 'duties. Could we fuppofe true grace leaned on, that could not (land. Nothing is a fufficient flrength for ustojtay upon,but the freegrace ofGod,ancl7efus Chrifi: Lean to thefe houfes,for they will fluid for ever. Ofall other hou- fes you fnall fay as Adam did of his wife, Gen. 3. `i2.( and it is the 11'U , word here u.fed` in the Text )T`he `woman which thou gaveft to be educituv éb kithme, to flay by me, tobe.a'helper and a fupport to me, this lnamad, licequàrndeli- woman hash givenme,andI did eat,¡he ha'th been the caufe ofmy (lp mihi, to ad- ruine. The fame will be Paid of all the gifts,and dutiesand graces, Karst jnvaret, which we ¡land upon. God hath,given them us,and he bathgiven eJferque vita them us asmeet helpers, but they will deceiveand ruine us, ifwe Marraauthor , ipfa author lean on them. We ¡hall fall by them, ifwe hopeto ftand by them huifp man em- (-.Pfal. 23. 4.)íbou art withmein tr'Ouble ('`faithDavid)therefore I flew. Fagius (hall not fàtl,it i$ thisword,Thou ftandefl withme. Chrift will ¡land info'''. apud Rt3E by us at all times,2hou flandefl with me,or by me: When the world Inc faileth, and when gifts fail; and whenduties fail, yea, when gra- Ra ces fail, in degree and aecivíty,thenjefusChri(t,and free grace will (land by us, Ifa, a6. Thou wilt "keep hi t nperfect peace, whofe mind isjfayed on thee."Chrifl is theonly lean -to. There is one claufe further,' He . Pall hold it fall, but itPall not endure. This claufe is of the fame importance with the former,only the fenfe`is fomewhat hêightn d. Ìtnotes,that the hypocrite ¡ball not only lean upon his houfe, but he ¡hall takeflrong hold upon his houfe, RePallfaften on it ; fo'Kl. Broughton. Aman may lean to a thing and have no hold of itl he that takes hold of a thing would make it firm to himfelf, and himfelffirm to it.Thus the¿hypocrite leans epón his houfe and takes Taft hold it,if it would fall from -him, if any attempt to pull him awaÿ from it or he flicks to it, he will not let itgo. The word fìgnifies to hold fall, flrongly and prevailingly. Yobs 'wife (Chap.2.) fpeakes thus, Dog thoufrill holdfaff thine integrity? ;tan° mordicss And God himfelf fpeakés`in the fame language concerning ób9 t abi10fe is ca ßabilmm0f;r- 13oefl thou notfee, though thou haft moved me to äfjliti him without ream femper, caufe, bow be boldethfaff his integrity? the hypocrite.( after his ÿereputans manner , ,Iviordicus tenet) holds his duties, performances , gifts, Ncr , tuft, or ( as it were) with hisvery teeth, he,will hold them to