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hap. 8. An Expofition upon the Book of J O E. Verf. 15 97 der the hand ofSatan, and letters commendatory from the world, all this mull needs give him ftrength ofhope, that his houle thall Rand for ever. But fee the iffue, He leaneth upon his houfe; What then ? ItPall not Band. The word lignifies to Rand firmly and firongly, or to continue landing.He thought that thematerials whichlhe had brought to- ïDy Sretiy gether, and the hopes which hehad railed upon them mafr. would have fubfflits been as Mount Zion,that cannot be removed, but he leaneth upon it, and it (hall not Jfand. Whence obferve, All that an hypocrite truffethunto(hall deceive him at thelaf. It Jhall notjttand. Their webs (hall not become garments, Nei- the''hall tby cover themfelves with their works,Ifa. 59.6. The lan- guage is roverbiall, importing higheft difappointment : Who wouldweave a web,ifhe knew he should never have a garment by it ? Or -4ork hard, when himfelfmutt go naked ? Jer.7. 1,2. the Lord fends to the people byhi§ Prophet,Saik to this people,Trujt not to lying words; that is,words which will deceive and fail you, you trust and lean to them, but they will fall away from you : What were thole words ? Even that they had a goodly houfe to lean to, they cryed, The templeof the Lord, the Temple of the Lord : but I hope that's a thong houfe,as well as a beautifull, a man may lean upon that, upon the temple of the Lord, and do well. No, The temple ofthe Lord leaneeupon will be but afpiders web ; God gave the Jewes a temple to wor(hip him- ih,and many ofthem worthip- ped the temple. We adore every duty we- depend upon, and give the Ordinances of God the honour of God. We can Rand no more by filch trust to Ordinances, then we (hall by the negiert of them. Thefe, and all the materials before mentioned, will be found too weak, they than not Rand. Gifts cannot commend to God. If a man had the tongue of menand angels, ifall the knowledge that ever was fcattered in the world were brought together into onehead; this cannot commend him unto God. The devil is as full of knowledge as he can hold, and yet heis'ás'full ofwicked- nefsas he can hold. Duties cannot commend to God. And there are two fpecial reafons why the hypocrites duties cannot. O Pirft,