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102 Chap. 8. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Vert 16 Thirdly, We have his ruine or cutting down, his deftru&ion or pulling up, in the z8th verfe,Ifhe dejiroy himfrom his place, then it (hall deny himfrying, Ihave notfeen thee. His flourifhing chute begins in the 16. ver; He os green before the Sun. The word ( green) lignifies mill, juicy or fappy, proper to trees s So M. Broughton tranflates, I-le is juicefull before the Sun. And others,Ife itfull offap.In which fenic the word is ufed,Chap. Jiloderehumi. 24.,8, of this book, They are wet with thefhowers ofthe mountains, ' eumf""afin or, moyft and fappy, receiving in many fhowers from thé mourn tains. A tree green,juicy and full offap,is in the height ofhis firength and beauty:juice and fa is to the tree, as blond to the veins, and N' ¡I Y°J P > L marrow to the bones of a man ; and therefore as a young man in the prime and flrength ofhis age, is defcribed by-having his veins full of bioud,and his bones full ofmarrow, Co a tree is defcribed in it's greateh verdure, by having his root and branches full of fap and moiflure. The hypocrite may be fuch a flourifhing tree, He is green before the Sun., Ei ViZtU '1'117 Before the Sun. The Hebrew is, Before the face ofthe Sun. The word Shemijh ( the Sunne)fignifieth a Minifter or fervant,becaufe the Sun is the great fervant of the world, and minihreththofe benefitsof light, heat,influence. This (by the way) fhould have kept the Nations from adoring it as a God, which both in name and nature was their furvant. But what means this, Before, he Sin ? I. Some take, before the Sun, to be only this, openly confpicu- oully, and in the light ofall; for to do a thing before the Sun,is tó do it without covert or fecrecy,z Sam. a 2.1 2.Thus theLord threat- neth David, after that fin ofprivacy committed with Bathjheba, Ante folum,i.e. Thou dirf} it fecretly, but Iwill do this before all Ifr'ael, and before palaminaccu the Sun : So the hypocrite, is green before the Sun; that is, he flou- d ± omnium, rifheth in the, eye, view and fight of all men. He hath fair leaves and branches ofoutward profellion in the Church,and of outward profperity in the world. 2. Before the Sun, that is as a tree in Summer , when the Sun returns to us, or turns upon ús. In the beginningof the fpring the Sun returns ; having travell'd fin-theft off from us,it comes to the vertical'