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Chap.. S. An Expofrtion upon the Book of J O B. Vert. iá. 103 verticali point, and turns about to us again. So that, the the Sun, or the Sun looking towards us, is a defcriptionof e fpring. And fo it is,.as if he had Paid, As a tree when the Sun comet, to- wards it in the Spring, andfhines hot upon it in the Sunttner, makes afair fhew : So the hypocrite is very green, joyful!,full of content- ment,whilft he hath theSun ofprofperity finning upon him,whilfl thofe warm rayes of outwardcomforts, heat and nourifh him, fo long he is green and flourifhing. 3. Before the Sun, that is (according to other)) before the Sun ÿ/n1á1 fol shines too hot upon him,before the Sun fcorches and withers him; Reg Anteere. as if he had laid, The hypocrite is a green tree, till the heat comes ertum ordo_ upon him,till the Sun .arifcthin his itrength:but affoon as the heat rentfolà,i.e. of the day , or the year comes, this tree withers. An hÿpocrite antetuom fol cannot abide the extream heat of the Sun,whereas the godly have eunrdeJ? rqd. fuch an everlafling fupply of mouture and fap, that let the Sun priufquamdDo- _thine as hotus it will upon them they are green í1i11. The ordina- minopuníatur ry heat of the Sun is put for profperity : the extream heat ofthe rj vifrtorur. Sun, is put for perfecution. So, the meaning may be this, ale is .o4rdoreff ira, green before the Sun, that is, before the Sun of trouble and perle- Dominixeec. cution arifeth,or (,asTome render it) before God looks angerly upon him and fcorcheth his leaves, till then; Heir green and flou- rifbing Before refers both to timeand pretence. 8ntejolem,i.e, q.. Others take it as a defcription of the hypocrites outward jas atrdorefoies,. flourifhing, which may be fuch fomtimes as holds out before the arbores, more' that is, when the Sun is very hot,upon him; And then this qua putchred claufe_ftands in oppofìtion to the rufh, Which whilft it is yet in its Nquandiufue reenne s rvithereth bo ore an other herb. If the .Sun rife hot upon crefcenr æ/íum g f f 3 no-n tenet, imd the rufh,it.withereth prefently, where it wantsoutward moiftur.e catorefotb 00.- But here Bildad Teems togrant, or at leaft to fuppofe,that the hy- rato adjuvatur pocrite may poffibly-rife to Each a flourifning cdate, that he holds & attrur. his greennefs, even .before the Sun, in a great, deal of heat and merci trouble. Thus Before notes pretence. Either way the fence is good, Ide is green,before the Sun cometh with his heat,that is,he cannot endure the fcorching time oftrou - ble: or, he isgreen before the Sun ; that is, before Tome trouble or fcorching, before force heat of perfecution, this_.hypocrite may fCand, He isgreen before tha Sun.. And.his branchfboofethforth in hisgarden. Branch.] The word which we translate branch is derived from a root g