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t ob Chap. S. AnEx ofLion upon the Book, of 1 O B. Vert J7 Thus we fee the hypocrites greennefs in his branches, yet that is not all, for in the next verle we find his roots allo, he is feena- ingly let below, as well as beautiful above. And when a tree hash flourifhing branches, and firm roots, what can be defired more ? For, as when a tree is cut down root and branch, it is then utterly taken away , fo when a tree flourifheth, root and branch, it is in belt eftate , and higheft perfecion. Both thefe meet here, not only doth he (hoot forth his branches in. his garden, But he rvrappeth his roots about the heap, and feeth the place of f ones. His roots are wrapped about theheap. The root ofthis hypocritical tree, is that by which he fattens ra<íícerfot himfelf, any accommodation or ftrength which he bath in the divir:.e,l#ilicri, world, credit,riches, friends,whatfoever ftrengthensa man, that's amiciti,e, dig- his root it is as neceffary tofaffen a tree, as tomoiften and feed nirater, n"°- a tree : Now (faith Bildad) he fpreads his roots, he bath not ree, only excellent branches outwardly, but he layes his matter fo,that he hath rooting alto in the world ; yea,he feems to have rooting in the Church too. His roots are wrapped about the heap. The word in the Hebrew fignifies,to roll,or to bring things to `?a aradice gether, toput themup in a heap. Hence the Verb is ufed for that 47t,3 ad ofthe foul in believing, whereby a Chriftian gathers himfelf VA :t ei funno together,and all that he hath,and layes it upon the Lord, Pfal. 22. %daratiar>E. S. He truffed in the Lord theHebrew is, He rolled himfelf upon the Lord.Hence it is tranflated to fignifie ; Firft,a tempeft,wherein the winds roll and are enfolded together. Secondly, a Wave of the fea, which is a rolling water. Thirdly, as here, a heap, be- caufe in a heap, a great many ftones are gathered or rolled toge- ther. As Gen.3 i . 47. after that contelt and debate ofLaban with. Jacob about his departure, Jacob faid,Let us gather f anestogether, or roll (tones together, andmake anheap ; andLaban gave it a name, he called it , Jegerfhahadutha , which is to fay, .4 heap of rritnefs, becaufe thefe (tones were rolled together for a wie- ners. Laftly,(which fenfe is applyed by force interpreters to this text) The word fignifies afpring or a fountain, Jofb. 15. 19. becaufe fprings and fountains are as thegathering together ofwaters : the