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Chap. S. An Expofitionupon the BookofJ O B. V`erf.iis`. III down for the fire;but this man 'hall be cut $lows like a tree in his prime, inhis flourifhing, when affliction andwithering feem far the' off, when he thinks leafl ofdetiruc`tion,then it (hall come up- on him;wheií his efate is like Jonah's gourd,a very pleafant plant, and a great rejoycing to him, a worme finites the roots and kills ir. That of job (Chap. 20. 22.) is full to this point, In ibefulnefs of hisfufficiency hefhall be inítraits : A firange thing, that a. man thould be in Traits, when he is in greaten enlargement, that a man fhould be emptied when he is full,that a m'an fhould be no- thing when he hath all fufficiency about him, yet thus it (tall be, In thefùlnefs ofhisfufficiency inftraits. As a godly man path a fufficiency in his wants, yea a fulnefs of fitñciency in his wants : Soon the other fide, an hypocrite whole heart is falfe withGod, hath want in his fufficiency, yea wont in the fulnefs of his fufficiency. W hich may be underilood two wayes ;either that his fulnefs in the greatef fúf lcieneyout is unfatistying ; or that his fulnefs in the greatefi fufficiency of it, is upon decaying and a- bating. (Yfal.78. 13.) Whileft the meat war in their mouths, the wrath ofGodfell upon there,while meat is in the miuth,richclothes upon theback,while fibre ofmoney is in the purfe,while the land brings forth abundance of encreafe,even in all thefe fufficiencies a man may be in Traits. As it was withAgag (i Sam, 15. ) Sure- ly (faith he) the bitternefs of death ispaft;he thought himfelffafe, and that the form was quite blown ovèr, but then, in that' nick oftimecomes Samuel and cutteth him in pieces. The Apoftle Paul. faith (2Cor. a. 9.) Ihadthefentence ofdeath in nyfèlf ; that is, I concluded I could not furvive thofe fufferings,I thought nay felf a lbl{ matt: yet the Lord delivered him, and fetched him from thegrave. But when hypocrites (like Agog) have the fentence, yea the fweetnefs of life in themfelves ; when they fay peace and fafety, then fudden defruftion comes, as pain upon a woman in travel, and they ¡hall not efcape : God cuts them off. It fol- lows, Ifhe d&Jfroy himfrom hisplace;what then? It 'halldeny him,faya áng, I have notfeed thee. Here is afurther aggravation ofhis mifery,when he is defroy- ed, It 'hall deny him ; what (hall deny him ? Some read it thus,bir placeJhail deny him. Can a place fpeak, affirm, or deny ? No, it cannot 9 but it is ufual in Scripture, by a Profpopeia, a fi6ion of a perfon