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IIo Chap. S. An Exitofition upon tbeBóo,ofJ O B. Vcrf.i8 rooted up. Thus we fee divers Antecedents anfwering thehe, the agent in the Text. Ifhe defiroy him from hisplace. .ibf buit,de The word which We tranflate defìroy,fignifiesproperly to fwal. low down,asa man fwallows down meat and drink : And it fig ;ri tè,csrru- ni1ies to fwallow as a man fwallows when he is very hungry ; kfiruxi:, mate that is very hungry eats his meat greedily ; he throws it cunJumpr,quio down whole into his throat rather then chews ir. Now, b -cau£e gaol degluti- tur perditur, when meat is fwallowed down, the meat is confirmed and fpent, abfumitur. and isdeftroyed and comes tonothing, therefore the Hebrewse- legantly translate that word, which properly fignifies 'to (wallow Perelegantey up, to defiroy ; todefiroy is to fwallow up : And in that fence quivinumo.u'- (I fa, 28. 7.) wine is laid to fwallow up a man,that is,to deflroy rum iva,, and confume him. Intemperate er ons mallow u wine andat laft àrinoabfcrb vi l' 17 f f p , dicunrur,Pinéd' wine fwallows up them:The wine drinks up their eftates,their wits, their healths, their lives, their all at Taft. It is a metaphor taken alfo from cruel and fàvagebeafts,who devour men ; as Jacob faith ofJofeph, Surely a wild beats bath devoured, orfwallowed him up : And (Pfal.35. 25. ) we have that word applyed to wicked men,` confpiring againft the Saints, they fay, Wehavefwallowedhimup, ah, fo wouldwe bave it ; that is,we haveutterly deftroyedhim,this pleafes, this goes well on oude. Then the meaning is,though the tree be in this fiate, yet if the husbandman come, he can quickly defiroy it from his place : Yea, though it be thus fairly grown, and firmly rooted, the Sun is a- ble to kill this tree, and to drawout all it's moifture, and fo leave it dry and feared, fit only to be flubbed up for fewei. Or take it for an hypocrite,to whom the fimilitude referreth,IfGod conic to deftroyhim out ofhisplace, to (wallow him up, there's an end ofhim quickly, It_Pall deny him, flying, Ihave notfeen him. From this confideration, that the deftruaion of the tree is fpokenoffo immediately after the flourifhiugof it ; that word,He is green &c. is no fooner out, but he adds,Ifwe defiroy bdtu &c,We may note, That the deftruttiion ofhypocrites andwickedmen cometh often up- on them, inthe height oftheir profp',erity. Even in the time of his greennefs , he (hall be deftroyed and when his roots are wrapped about theheap. Trees ftand fo long fonaetimes that they witherof themfelves, and then we cut them down