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Chap. 8. An Expofitì'on upon the Book, of J 0 13. Vat. 2 t . i33 would trouble the foul,to thinka timemay come when be .will not love us. The Dill] here notes a continued ad ; it is as much as to fay, He will never caft them off. The word [untiti] both in the Hebrew .. and Greek, often notes everlafiingnets. God makes a promite to Jacob in this form, ( Gen. 28.19.) Iwill not leave thee, until' I .have done that which I have fpoken to thee of. And would he leave him then? No,themeaning is,I will never leave thee(Pfa.11 o. 1 .) Sit thou on my right banduntill I make tiny enemies thy foot/tool. Chrift thall not be put from the, right hand of God when his ene- mies are fubdued under his feet, Chriti íhall fit there forever. Till he fill thy mouth with laughing. Thymouth.] Obferve here the change of the perfon : he fpake befórè in the third perfon, The Lord will not caft away the perfect mast, now he brings it home and applies it unto Job, Till be fill thy mouth with laughing ; as ifhe had laid, That which I fpake in the third perfon, 1 meant it as appliable unto thy Elf, that general truth may be made good to thy perfon,Till he fill thy mouth.I doe ;,,° a rum ¿xt not fpeak fpeculations or fleeing notions of things that (hall never rum efl,rrt i7 t; come to pals ; If thou followmy counfell, thy own experience fentie,,. will quickly teach thee,That God will not eaft thee ofj;tillhe fill thy Aquiri. mouth with laughing. Laughter is an atofjoy flowing from reafon. Tofill the mouth with laughing notes great joy,fuch au incoi e of joy,fo much mat- ter of joy, that the heart cannot hold it, but out it mull at the mouth : joybegins at the heart, there's the feat of it : and when theheart is fo full of it that it cannot hold,then it runs over at the mouth and lips that is, weexpreffe inward joy of the heart by fome outward fign or token, fpeech or gefture. So then,to fay, I will not caft thee away, til Ihave filled thy mouth with laughing,and thy lips with rejoycing,is as much as to fay,/ will not leave thee,till Os impieri di- Citer r1fU, euei alNuts tanta ani:u bilarita- te t;erfruitur, ut iliacord, hilarttas per vonferationent conclamatio- nom rifum act bujafmodi e _ thou haft more comfort then thine heart can hold, fo much, that terioraftgaa thoumuff give it vent at thy lips, and be fpeaking of it. vatde°pr'_ Y P F teat. Bold; The word for laughter liignifies as well inward as outward joy, heart -laughter as well as face-laughter.Befides,there is a two-fold laughter. Firft, a laughing for joy. And Secondly, A laughing ofIcona, .calledfubfannation. with both thefe laughters the Lord will fill the mouths ofhis people. Firf%, With laughing for joy :..,for at their own comfortable and