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Wi ili lu Chap. a , $ i xpofitïon upon the Boo{of O B. Verr 21 and good efiate, for joy that the Lord hath glorified hinifelf in their deliverance. Thefe things aregreat matter of joy to them.. And then he will fill their mouths with a laughing of derifion, they (hall fcorne their enemies who' have fcorned at them. God laughs at the proud oppofers ofhis truth and people,Pfa.z.He that fittea) in the heavensjhall leugb,tbeLord(hall have them in derifion. When the Lord hath confounded the plots of his enemies , he laugheth at them ;'his peoplealfo (hall laugh,not infülting in the fins and miferies of men, but in the vengeance and difappoint- anents whichGod poureth upon them. The derifions andJcorns of the Saints have more bolinefs in them,tben the devotionsandprayers t fwickedmen. The word in theNext chufe is confiderable. "1ji1'il And thy lips with rejoycing. a radice We tranflate rejoycing, but the wordproperly lignifies ajnyfull 91-1 fund. So itis ufed (Pfal.89.15. ) Bleff'edis thepeople that know the 'erjorimit,vc- joyful Jis nd.Arid it lignifies to makea joyfull found, either with aferatau e,?, the mouth,which is a natural inftrument;or with a trumpet orany do ei magnam other artificial inftrument. Bleffed are the people that know the ethdit. joyful friund,that live within the foundof the flyer trumpetwhich aattir stv èft' ot, o the c onotice otmeetti ns f p ublkworfhip. Ths word isapplied fmues o Zewn cano- rem tAlere,u: that rude found, or confuted noife, which fouldiers make when ,Pent bomines they come on to charge in batten, they commonly make a great fiuria Pr:rçlirt clamóur,g to firike the adverfarywith terrour and amazement,and rOt fPSan`' to encourage, and raife their own fpirits. The Greeks and Latins :eprælius. have their fpeciall terms to expre(s it by, noted by the learned in Latit,OBarri- the proprieties ofchafe languages. turn vacant, Again, That word is ufed for the confuted noifeof worftedor clamour vim conquer'd enemies, when they flee and run away.So ( judg.7.31.) $arrítum whenGideon had difcomfitLd the huff of the Amalekites all the en ris' de- hold ran and cr 3 ed S they. made a d'olefull found:fo the word' beans, o terattat as well as a joyfull found. ,quam aries r- Thirdly,The word is chiefly ufed to note thefound oracclama- , Y q, ee jet. ,nxe. Lion of fouldiers after victory is obtainedia prevailing army fhours ..7it. g when the adverfè forces are routed and overcome. Thus, in that famousinliance (jcfh.6.5.)Jofhuagives command,that when they make a longblaft with the rams horns, and when they heard the found of the trumpet,all the people fhouldJbo tt with agreatActs' . Which (hour is expreffcd by the word ofthe text,and in the tenth verfe