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Chap. S. An Eiepofrtion upon the Rookof j O B. Verf. verle he charges that they fhould, not fhout or makea noífe with their voice till the feventh day, becaufe that was defigned for the dayof vif ory, the day when the wall fhould fall : You _hall not fhout nor make any noife withyour voice, neither_hall any r ordpro- ceed out ofyour mouths,till the day I bidyoufhout,thenfhallye /bout. salaam (Numb.e3.2z.)confeffes he could not curfè IJsel, becaufè the fhout of aKingwas amongft them. It is this word. That shout of a King may be underftood three wayes. Firft, That it was a shout as Kings ufed to have in their re- ception and coronation; Such a ¡hoot, faith he, there is among this people, as ifa King were to be received and crowned. Thus when Samuel brought Saul out,whom he had annointed for King and laid, Seeye him whom the Lordbath cho(en, that there if n one like him arrtong all the people ? And all thepeople _Pouted, andfaid, Godfave the King, z Sam. i o. 24.. Or fecondly, It noteth fuch a (bout as is in an army, where a King inperfon is a leader or vidour. Thirdly,The shout ofa King is amongft them,becaufe the voice ofa King fhould be as the found ofaTrumpet,or fome loud inflru- nient, to inform and dire& his people, as alto to encourage them. From all, we lee this rejoycing is no ordinary joy -; it is a high, a triumphant joy, I will fill thy lips with rejoycing, till th'ufialt fing 17I C 7 O K IA over all thine enemies and calamities. Further, This allo is in it,a rejoycing with praife: not a bare re- joycingin the bleffings and deliverances, but a rejoycing in the praifesofGod,who hath given thofe bleffings, and wrought thofe deliverances.The Septuagint tranflate it by rendringof thanks,or ÿ aonoÿ 1_ a confeionof praife,I will not calf theeaway, till I have filled thy Dews, lips with rejoycing ; that is, with my praifes. Thus Dcevidprayes i e. coïf4Lo i e (Tfal.7z.S.)Lct my mouth be filledwith thypraife, and with thine laudb , ,V1- honour all the day leng.Praife filling the heart fils the mouth;joy as 1lP ° a ea nrna: well as forrow pent up, ftifles the Spirit. Hence we may obferve,;r,,r_;qfro!,c Firft,7hat as joy is theportion ofthe people of Goct, fir in good time rare: tbeyfoall receive.their portion. He willnot calf off a.perfeet man,till he fill his mouth with joy,and his lips with rejoycing. Joy is their due, and joy they (hall, have. Hereafter they thall have their Maters joy, Enter intoyaw Ma - fifers joy, will Chrift fay at laft. Now they (hall have fuch a joy as befits them,whilft they are in their Matters fervice. And as rejoy -- sing is the portion, fo the proper portion, the peculiar of godly. men..,