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143 JO B, Chap. y. Verf. r, 2, 3, 4, Then job anfwered andfaid, I know it itfo of a trutb:but howjliouldman bepill with God? ifhe will contendwith hina,he cannot anfwer him one of a thoufand.r. He is wife in heart,ándmighty in flrength: who bath bar - denedhimfelf againfl him and bath profpered? .N theformer Chapter ildad gave a threefold ad- vice to Job. Firft, To think aright of the juftice and judge- ments of God. Secondly,to humble himfelfand Peek untoGod., Tkirdly,(which 'isimplyed in both the former) to forbear complaining of his own troubêd life,or defiring the end ofit bydeath. To thefe three heads ofBildads advice or reproof, Job fhapes his anfwer in this 9tb,and in the a oth Chapter. Firft, He opens his thoughts about, and highly magnifies the jufficeof God, to the'ar. verfe. Secondly,He renounces his own righteoüfhefs, and proves,thae no man is to be judged by the prefent dealings of God with him, from the2r.verfe to the endof the Chapter. Thirdly, He renews and juflifies his complaint againft -hrs life, and his wifhes for death, bymany arguments, in the tenth Chapter. In molt ofthere points he anfwers exactly, according to the âlrit laws and rules ofdifputation. Firft, Repeating his Opponents argument, and then yielding what was(true, denying what was falte, and diftinguifhing about what was doubtfull. Which he doth with fo much acutencfs and vigour,with fo much ilrength and clearnefs both of reafon and judgement, that one of the Ancients cries out upon the whole matter