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i}., Cl;ap. r., An Expofstiorr upon ehe Jiookof p$, verf.i. - matter of his anfwer in theme Chapters, 0 bow much Phylofopby (I 1P:, mayfay, how much logick) bath, yobfhereed in this reply to the argu. h l cpræ' It ment of Bildad ! Bildads argument fpeaks to this effe ; Gail who loath punifhed .;Ct:r }'L thee is jug, therefore thou art unjeff. job in anfwer grants the an- tecedent, but denies the confequent. His grant of the antecedent appears in the two firli verfesof the Chapter, I know it is Já of a truth Ç't yield this) but bosvpould a manbe jug with God ? He proves and confirms that God is jufl,in the fourth verfe,by a dou- ble medium. Firll, From his wifdome, He is wife in heart. And Secondly, From his power, He is mighty in ffrength. What force there is in there two Attributesto hold up the juflice ofGod, we 'hall fee afterwards. The fourth verfe is likewife a conceon unto the facondpart of Bildads advice, namely, thatjob'hould humble hitnfclf.As ifjob had Paid, You advîfeme to humble myfelf, andtofeek,unto God, it is molt becoming Ifhould dofo,for.he is wife in heart, and mighty in ftrength ; who bathhardenedhimfelfagainff him,andhashprofpered? Thereis no 'landing out againit God, and therefore I yield, I fall down and abafe my felfbefore him. That God is thus powerful and wife, he goes on to prove in, the following parts ofthe Chapter to the 22. verfe, by the enume- ration ofmany particular acts and e ffeCts, both®f his power and wildome. The other part ofhis argument, namely, the confequent, that therefore job was unjufl and wicked, he denies,and more, refutes' t'lronglÿ. His negation and refutation begin at the 22th verfe. This is onething, therefore Iraid it, He deftroyeth the righteous and the wicked.Asifhe had faid, This is no argument,that I am a wick- edman, becaufe God loath deffroyed myeftate, and my children ; for God (in this fenfe) deftroyeth both the righteous and the wicked. It cannot beproved that I amwicked, becaufeGod loath afjlitl edme ; or that Godbath'afflitied mefor my wickednefs:I know another way how tt.o acquit theju fice ofGod,and to declare him righteous , tkough I do notjoyn withyou in condemning and judging myfelf(inyour notion) unrighteons. This is the him ofhis anfwer contained in the ninth Chapter. In the tenth he renews his complaint,as before in the iìxth,and theweth (after he had given God glory under all his fufherings) what