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146 Chap. 9. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf. 2. God in that great Attribute ofhir juf ice, and the duty of weakman in bumbling hirnfelfbefore the great God.I know it to befo ofa truth. Note hence, Firtt, i hat in all difputes and controverfies it is a note bothof e ingenuoolM and ofan holy heart,tö yeeld as much as without wrong to truth may beyeeldedunto. It is good to agree as far as we can, if we cannot agree in all. Jobus veritá. We fhould walk withan adverfary one mile ( when it lies in our ,ferfor,qui om- turf way) though we cannot walk twain, Affoon as Pb hears a truth, sri, ratione,non he falleth down before it. He hath not a word to fpcak againft flrElionis fe:,- the truth of God, though it come from erroneous men. He will fumetiretur; be a friend to truth,thoughbrought by themwho feemed his ene- tatninvnuè prow mies. If this lawofdifputation were well obferved,inany difputes commendat re_ would be boner ended. As fbme out of love tomen areapt to en--- rape a5 Cm- tertain their very errours ; fo fome out of hatred to men rejecct ptgnareribur their truths. Errours cannot be reallyadorned; nor truths foiled promuntur, by thole who hold them. Our judgment about both muff be car- gaartt epenit;é lied by reafon,not fwayed by affeGtion.Willin 1 to embrace and galfrdepellit; Y Y Y g Y guodhlcpr,e- receive a truth from tl-.ofe, whole errourswe molt zealoufly op- feetita c apito pole, is the due temper ofa champion for the truth. diguide demon- . Sccondly, I know it to be fo ofa truth, faith Job, Obferve, 1 }rat, dun ve A godly man is a knowing man. am duor orum +i(putaeorum He is eftablifhed in truths, efpecially in great and neceffary 0-arum, on truths, in the vitals and, .. fundamentals ofreligion. Job had been odmittit m ©do, long acquainted with this principle,that God is jufi, and that eve- werum erect r man mutt abafe himfelfbefore him how juft föever any man is. uiQìmd di_ Y , l ;rt L ;,d in2e Light is the firft thing which God makes in the new Creation of gro f rè capite Grace, as it was in the old creation ofnature : He tails in a beam, amplifcot er a ray into the foul,whereby we maydifcern ofthings that differ. exornat. Theremay be darknefs in a godly man,but he dwels not in dark- nefs : bring a truth to him,andas there is fomewhat in his heart that anfwers and is a kin to it, fo that apprehends and makes out his acquaintance with it,often at frt't.fight,alwayes after confide- ration, unlefs he be under clouds and temptations. In thofe cafes we may bring truths to holy naen,which they doe not know to be jó ofa truth, yea, which theymay refufe for erreurs. But ufually a good man knows truth, having learnt it before, or as having a likenefs to other truths he knew before. Thirdly,/know this to be foofa truth(faithfob)In themid&ofhis pains, in the greatefl troubles of his t`leth,he forgets not to honour God. Hence