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Chap. 9. An Expofition upon the .13ookof J O B. Verf., 2 1 45 what great reafon hi had to be fenfible under the pain and finarr ofhis fufferings.' Verfè 1,2. Then yob anfwered andfaid, "know it i4fo ofa truth. Thus he grants the antecedent,/knary it tobe fo ofa triath,or truly 45,e=ve,larrG I knob it to befo. The wordbath a double force in it.Sointimc of a bare,yet a firong affeveration,and fometimes ofan Oath.i know it .,,ifibi heind verily I know the thing to be fo.As ifJob had faid,This is fo much to befoofa truth,' affirm or aver the thing,or truly and indeed, or Rex aPdi10.; aAt;; a truth,that I dare fwear it is a truth, that God is fluff, I durft take -6/1'15'13/44F. my oath ofit, if I were called to it ; I would fwear I-Jr the ;Lidice e's,,en;',,vnedrcacn' ofGod, above all things in the world. As we ought to 'Wear in ,Amen. truth (Pfal. 89. 49. ) fo to affirme a thing to be jö in truth, is fwea ring. Further,the word is taken either in way ofaffirmation,or in way A i k of confirtnation.In way ofaffirmation, it refers to that which is to -mehn,bduPri be fpoken;fo frequently in the new Tefiament,Amen,Amen,verily, floc in tVuiort:fieento_- verily,is a vehement affirmation of what was afterwards tobe fpo- wipe diélu- ken,Verily,verily,1fay untoyou.But here rather it is a noteofcon- i'lfU0.2. VC 3firmation of the truth already fpokemThe-Syriack ofthe new Te- fit confirmatim old, for a confirmation. ftament ufe it commonlyfor an affirmation ; the Hebrew in the , 'So then,it is herea fealing to theformer truth delivered,both by flebrairé inno- yarn diaa font. Eildad,and Efiphaz,about the jufiice ofGod ; Elipha'z in the 1)12 rarepet con- Chapter,verf. 17. and Bildad in the 8th. verf.3.Doth the Almighty-syria-d in firtnnionenz- pervertjudgment-, No ( faith Job ) ' know it ofa truth, that he N. T.0ffirtna. cloth not. And fo the fenfe runs' thus. Lonen. Bol, dof4 thou furmife, by what I have fpoken , that I have ill or hard thoughts ofthejufticeofGod ?Did Iever think that jultice wasperverted, becaufe I was afflieled? Iacknowledge thou haft truly faid, that God doth not pervert judgment ; and I acknowledge thou haft faithfullycounfélledme tofeekstnteGod-and make 9nyfirpplicati- on to theAlmigbty;for alai!who am ¡ that IlhoulfIcontend withGod? What amItbatIlhoulddifpute it out with him concrningmy troubles andhis dealings withme` ? Or ifIfhouldbefo rafh,fo fool-hardy,and adventurons,to attempt fuch a thing, alas ! I could make nothing of it, i couldnot a-nfwerbitn one argument .'t,f,allg84 and, whcreb)., he might maintain his own juffice,or chargeand rtie le' ati,on fandwloeseby he might iMpeaebmine,, I orh no matchfor Go'd.'"hetie fore I yeild thee the whole matter,fáfar as.concernr the hónouring of V d