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Verf. I 50 Chap. q. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. . Ifhe would contend. t;;i The word,Ifhe zvould,is,If he bave a minde,or delight to contend, I/ iuú,ap,ov,t' if -day man takes pleafure in contending with God, he fhall quick- ';. ly (- as we (peak ) have his hands full, and his belly full of it. .from this word the Church is called Hephzibah,that is,my plea - fure is in her ( Ifa. 64.2. ) And (Pfal.r 6.3.) David profeffes of 1ï the Saints ( Hepbfibam) no pleafure, or, my delight is in them. So Inpro ea- here, if any one hath a pleafure, or a delight, or would takeupon tra litig,:vit, him to contend with God, or (as the word fignifies ) to chide, to .. udifeptavir, argue, andplead with God. The word may be taken either for caufomegir,feu an angry chiding, or a rational' chiding, which is difputing. The ,:dixit e'i<tni place where the Ifraelites did contend or chide wit h Mofes, is de verbali ran- called Meribah, from this word, Exod.i And after Gideon had trim contenti- 7.7.' one feti anione pul'd down Baal: altar,agreat controverfte or contention,a plead- , dicitur. Mere, ing or arguing enfued, thereforehe was called Jerubbaal, a con- . Contend° Lee tender or pleader with Baal,Judg.6.24. eft rorionibta, Now(faith job) ifaman take delight tocontend, plead or ar- . objenioniba iefpontionibuo, gue with the Lord,What will be the iffue ofit ?He islike to have , ¢rgumentatio- a cold pull ofit,Hecannot anfwer him one ofa thoufand, poor crea- nibut rum Dee tune! Before I open that, take this obfervation. agere.Pined. ItIan naturally loves to be contending. ° it,OYene eß Some cannot live but in this fire,and in troubled waters(' Cor. cui vrnoriapo tine eft veri_ 1.1.16.) Ifany manfeems to be contentious, or as theGreek carries ;tare Eft. in 'it, a lover, ofvi lory. Contentious fpirits love viCfory more then Cor, t,. truth, and to overcome more then to teach or be taught. Befides n® atuA theverb, which we (in this text of the Apofile) tranflatefeems, guamdJ' ns cloth rather fignine, is pleafid to be, defires, or bath a will to con- é ct,siquHfr tentiour, yea boat}s and prides himfelfin it. .So the word (lbxst) :id in ee place- is ufed, Mat. 3.9. and Gal. 6.3. If a man thinkhimfelf to beforce- at, quord con thing;&c.That is, ifhe boat} and take uponhim,asifhe were force Dtenrioan fur Heinf y Jr. great man. Thus fume for to be medling and contending in all mere, Qeitions. Yea, though it be upon as unequall termes, as jeboafh the King of lfrael,by his parable, fuppofed Amaziah King offu- rlt.lo would war withhim (2 Knig. r 4. g.) the thifile that was in Lebanon, font to the Cedar that was in Lebanon, &c. Thirties will tbmetimes challenge Cedars, whom we may counfell, as he doth, tarryat home, whyfhouldeff thou meddle to thy hurt? It argues folly ,enough in anyman to love.contention with man,and pride enough =toaove ,contention withmen above With Then how_mad are they both