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Chap. 9. fn Expoftion upon the Bookof 1 O B. Vert. 3, x _both with folly and pride, who attempt to contend with God? Whom, as it follows, They cannot anfwer, One of a thoufand. A thoufand is a great number, a full number, and therefore it is :it put for all great numbers. It is a leading number, therefore the g g dux gnon alr3s word in the Hebrew for a thoufand, cometh from the root which t,,ig ;et, fignifies to lead,and the Noun, a Duke or a Captain, who is a chief f rut sleph and a leader of men, Gen. 36. The Dukes ofEdom, or the leadersPrimatnera of Edom : As alto a matter or teacher, us becaufe he goes afore, and Ye1'g`ras is chief over tholehe infiru6}s. And hence the number tho fand rræredn, in the Hebrew hath it's name, becaufe a thoufand, is ( as it were) turtles nhne}o a prince among numbers, a chief number, a captain number ; and rumprinreps, is therefore put for all great numbers, or for thegreaten numbers that can be imagined : to fay , one ofa thoufand, is, as much as to fay, One-amongff all. One is not a number, it is but the feed,ptin- ciple or beginningofnumber. A unity hath a feminall vertue in it all numbers are madeout bfones,but one it Pelf is no number. So that to fay, Oneofa thoufand, is to put the greateft and the leali number in oppofition, it is as much as to fay, a mau cannot anfwer God in any thing that ever he did in the whole couple of his life tirras J' d0 romero oppr, (2Pet.3.8.)One day is with the Lordas a thonfàndyears,anda thou- xi, pro,ubtto fandyears as one day. When he faith, thoufand years,he mean, all babetur. years, all time put together,it,is but as one day to the Lord.A day was the finddiffin6iola of time; the firff perfea time that was cre- ated, was a,day : now put a thoufand years together, it is but as one day- to the Lord; All times andone timeare all one to him who inhabites eternity. InPfal. 90.6. it is, a thoufand years are but as yefterday, which notes all time paff, as Peter notes, all time to. come, is, but as one day. One of a thoufand,referred to a perfon, notes choice, excellent man among all men (Job 33. 23.) If there be an interpreter, one a- manga thoufand, one choice man amongfl many, or aniongfi all. He that rightlyexpounds the text of atroubled confcience,and in terprets the-minde of God to fuch a foul,is a chief, the flower ofa thoufand, amanofmen. Chriff ( Cant. 5. s o.)is called, the chief- ej1often thoufand; the Hebrew is, a flandard-bearer, fuch are choice men,eleOofthe multitude.Chrift is the eleCof all themul- titudes in the whole world; bring all Armiesof men together, or an Army ofman -kinde, chofe amongfl them all, and you cannot fin-áe