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Chap. 9. An Expofition upon theBoelt, of J OB. Vert. 3. 153 that there is fuch aprincipleofpride in the heart ofman.The heal t ofman is very full ofquarrels and contentionswith man,but fuller ofquarrels with God himfelf.The great controverfie betwcenG ;d and man,is whole will (hall fland,Gods will or mans. God direefs manone way,andman contendeth he will go anotherway. There is a natural unanfwerablenefs between the heart ofman,and every thing that God cloth or fpeaks ; hence it is that man calls God to often to anfwer. There is a contention, firfl about that work of God, the foundation-flone ofall the works ofGod,his decrees and counfels.While the Apofile (Rom.9. 2o.) flops fuch mouths, he thews how ready they are to open, 0 man,Who art thou that repli- eft againft God?Thosiwiltfay,wherefore cloth he complain? Thus Irian begins to contend. But, O man, whoart thou, that thou (houldefl dare reply upon God? Wilt thoube venturing to queflion the righ- teous God?Muft he be accountable to thee for what he did before thou hadita being ? Secondly, What contentionsare there continually about the rules which God gives man to order his lifeby? Man thinks this is an unreafonable rule, that's a hard rule, and a third is an unprofi- tablerule;howmany rife up againft the Law,to which they fhciuld fubmit,and would (hift offobedience to the rule,by complaints a gainfl it ? The carnal mind (or, the mindingof theflefh) is enmity againft God, it it notfuloje& to the lawof God, neither indeed can be, (Rom. 8.7.) Words importing highefi oppofition, and that, ir- reconcileable- It is not, it cannot be fubjee`f ; the mind is never fubje t to theLaw, till it be changed into the Law. Chrift faith, that one iotaor tittle of the Law (hall not pals, till all be fulfilled; it is as true,that not one iota or tittle ofthe Law çan be fulfilled by by us, till our carnal mindes pals away. Paul found juft as much llubbarnnefs aitd contrariety againft the will ofGod remaining in him, as there was ofa carnal mind remaining in him ( Korn. 7.) As man defires,nat the knowledgeof the will ofGod( job 21.14.) and fecretly withes thathe were ignorant ofwhat- he knows, fo he wifheth there were no fuch thirìg to be known; and that the re- vealed will ofGod were lefs by fo much, as it fpecially oppofcth his will. Thirdly, the contefl about providence grows as high in the hearts ofmen, as that about predeflination to life, or the rule of life. The Saints fometimes (modeftly) enter this còntroverfie, Let meplead with thee,faith jeremia,Chap.r a.r.He Both it,we fee, X with