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Chap:- g. edit Expcfition upon the Bookof j O B.. Verf. 3. finde fuch another as Chrift is, he is the choice of ten thoufand, that is, the choice Ofall the tho elands that are in the w-orld. He cannot anfwer him one ofa thoufand, He cannot anfwer, i Some refer it only to the perfon.He,tha.t i, one man ofa thoufand men, is not able' toanfwer God. Secondly, We may refer it to the matter, to the objesi} ions or 'charges, that shall be brought againft him, cannot anfwer to one thing ofa thoufand. So M. Broughton; as if he had laid, IfGod brings many charges, or layes many articles againfi him, he is not able to Gristle God, or give a good account in one, ilcrrr;emtíuun Thirdly, Some refer it to-God himfelf, Ifhe, ( that is, mm) c,;dtrFCem fhoteld contendwith him, he would not anfwer him one ofa thoufand, jude:o contem_ that is,God would not anfwer himonesofa thoufand: as ifhe had` Poly. fàid., the matters will be fo trivial and fo fleight, the charges that chron a man can bring againft God or the objectionshe can make a.'l Dew will be fo eaGe that,the Lord will not ovouchfafe to anfwer one fit na cum ua rejpon word ofa thoufand. Some menwill plead priviledge to Come f oue dïgnelur. charges, and all their anfwer (hall be, they may chufe, or it is at ïatabt. their liberty whether they will anfwer or no. Here he would not 1111.0 non péte (referred toGod)is as much as he need not,he is noway obliged to quad noler, anfwer, he may claim priviledge. Further, when arguments are rret per iron- poor and empty, a man will fay indifpute , Theft things are' not pofititnorl worth anfwering;or ofa Book, there is not one page that is worth verborum, a confutation, it carries its own confutation. Such a fence may be _pO[bCl* non , made out here, God will not difhonour himfelf by contending pe g reï 11crc, with fo weak an adverfary as man, or byanfwering fuch fimple arguments. to'at s ;mo But rather (as before) refer it to man, He cannot anfwer him in judierodi_ one ofa thoufond;, that is, if God come to queftion man, to lay 1ne, h tfe.r filch and Inch matters to his charge,or object againft him ;poor creature,he mull Phut his mouth,put up his books,he bath nothing of "t' to fay, he mutt hide his face, for he cannot anfwer him one of a rhoufand.So in the a4th verfe of this Chapter. How much iffyfhall Iaaffixer him, and chafe out my words to plead with him? Hence obicrve. hint, here is in man a fpirìt ready, to 'contend againfl-God Ifhe co':te';in ;w- (im;,or, ifbeplead with him, which fuppofes that