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Chap. 9. An.Expofition:upon the Book ofJ pB. VerC q.. 155 muff be flopped, andall tbeworldbecomeguilty before God, Rom, 3, 19.Every mouth [hall bettopped,when God opens his. W henGod fpeaks,man bath nothing to fay againfthim,Every mouth itflopped, with this one word, Man is afinner. The Apoftle points at Tome (Tit.z . r z.) Whofi mouths muffbe ffopped,he means, with reafon to convince them that theyare in an errour. By thisone argument, Tbat all men arefinners,God flops their mouths for ever. Thirdly, Byway of corollary, we may give you that general truth. That no man can bejuffifiedby his works. Ifwe contendwith him,we cannot anfwer:him oneofa thoufand. He that mixeth but one fin with a thoufandgood aCfions, cannot be juítified by his works;how then [hall he be juftified by works,svho hathnot one;perfeCkly good action amongfi a thoufand fins?Man is not able toanfwer for onething he lothofa thoufand, nonot for onething he dothofall that he bathdone. He that would be ¡unifiedbyhis works mutt not have one ill aGhonamongft all his at` ,ions. One the in the box ofointment corrupts all ; one defefi makesa finner,but many good a&ionscannot make one righteous, Ifour heart condemn .us,Godásgreater thenour heart(z Joh. 3.2o.) Should man contend with his own hear-t,that will condemn him, his own heart wouldbring a thoufand witneffes againit him fooner thenonefor him. Confcience is a ¡thoufand witnef es ; man cannot anfwer beforethat tribunal, howmuch lefs can he " anfwer God, Mailgreater thenour hearts, andknon etbali things ! That's the argument Jobgoes on with,toprove that man cannot be junified before God. Vert 4. He is wife in heart andmighty in ffrength, who bath har- destedbimfelfágainfi him,and.bath:profpered ? Which- wordsareá-fttrthehr ìllil4ttatipn both of the juftice of God, andofmans duty to'be htthbledand abafed before him. He is wife inheart andmighty inffrengeh; Here is a doubleproofin:thefewords. Aproof,tìrftc fGods jui1ice,w.hy ? Heis wife' in heart,therefore tnregerrëmus heknos sLow.eodoriglht :He is mightyinffrength or power,there- judex cut nee .: fore he..nceds nnt:pervertjudgment, or do wrong for fear of man. d Qn",tar y,,,, Fear of higher power ref -allybiaffeth thole who are inpower. Here porenria adex are two Attributes which keep the ballances of divine judge- egaendum dceJ X 2 znent