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Chap.9. An Expóftion upon the Bookof J Q B. Verí4. 15j9_ port impotency , therefore the Lord cannot d o them. whatfoever is for the goodof his people, for the glory of his name, for the executing ofhis juflice,for the fulfillingofhis coon - fels, whatfoever is for the making good of his protnifes, for all tlacfe the Lord is mighty in hrength. Never fear either a defeee of power in God, ora deftd in managing that power. Sometimes víscpiajex;' power overthrows it felfby its own bulk and greatnefs ; but Pe,s moleruir mighty flrengrh ordered with equal wifdome, is dreadfull to ene- Jac° mies, and comfortable to friends. A ride rout, an undigefed Cbaos of men, though very great, never did any great thing. But fuppofe a very numerous army of naen,and every man in that army having as much wifdomeas would lit a General to lead and com- mand them all, what could hand before them ? thus it is with God (and how admirable is the union and marriage of theft; two together ! ) he bath all power and all wifdome. Every degree of power in. God is acted with a fnitable degreeofwifdome ; there- fore there can be no tnifcarriage. Note fnrthcr,how thisAttribute runs thòrow all the Attributes of God, He mighty infirength;he is mighty alfoin truth,mighty in love, mighty in mercy,n ighty in faithfulnefs :a mighty lirength is in whatfoever God is. Again, take this general concerning all theAttributes of God, when it is Paid, He is wife in heart,andmighty inffrength, &c.Thefe - arenot qualities in God ; they are in men. Wifdome is to them an accident, and fo is firength, whether civil ftrength, or a attiral, it may be fevered from them and theyhill keep theirbeing.But the wifdome of God is the WifeGod, and the power of God is the powerful! God, and the knowledge of God is the knowing God. ThefeAttributes arenot accidents,but his effence;notqualities,but hisnature. From both thefe Attributes laid together, jobdraws down his- great conclution, which'hepìuts by way ofquetlion. Who bath hardened himfelfagainfi him, andbath profpered ? Shewme the man : having defcribed the Lord in his wifdome and power he challengeth all the world, and fends defiance toall creatures in heaven and in earth; to meet with thisGod. As if ire had Said, Friends, doyou think, I have any thought to contend with God ? No, I know not onewho bath accept ed'this challenge, or har- denedbimfelfagainff,God andprofpered. Ifmy own Confcience would note