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Chap. 9. AnExpofition upon the Book of J OB. verf. . flrcnth at all, how much focvcr he ufes. His lamp confumes not with burning. His flrength is ever vigoro<<s,he knows nodecaycs or f intings, Haft thou not known, haft thou not heard that the ever- la(ting God, the L9rd,the Creatour of the ends of the earth fainteth not, neither is weary ? (Ifa. 4.0. 28. ) As if he had faid, where haft: thou been bred, that thou fèemeft to be a flranger to this truth ? Man cannot doe much, and he faints in doing a little. God who can do all things, never faints, how much foever he cloth. Strength may be confidered two wayes. Thereis civil Ilrength, and there is natural Ifrength.Civil authority andpow- vzc s:y'e- er to command. Aman is armed and firengthened by Maws and :x. commifúons. Thefeput authority into his hands. The Lord is mighty in this fîrength, he hath all authority, all command inhis hand,not by corm-nil-lion from others, but originally from him- felfl Natural ftrength executes and exercifes the former ; a man May have much civil ffrength, but ifhe want natural Itrength to put it in ast, he cando little or nothing. As God by his Sove- raignty is above all creatures ; fo by his power he is able to bring all creatures under him, and fubdue them tohis command. Thus God is mighty infirength.He hath a right ofauthority, by which he may, and an arm of power, by which hecan make all hoop to ,him. Hence obferve, Theporver ofGod isan infinitepower. There isnothing toohard for the Lord , .Ifhe, will work, who (hall let it?Ifa.43.i 3.No creaturecanfuperfedate or flay the works of God, God canfuperfedeat all creatures; when creatures are in their full carreer, he can lest them : Thepower ofGod is as large as hit will ; yea he can more then he wills. If the power of men were as largeas their wills, what work would they quickly make in the world?Ifinfinite frength werenot managed by infinite wif- dome, what a woful condition were wein ? Both thefe are joyn9 al in God. Therefore we can fear no hurt from his power i He can do what he will, but he will do nothing which is hurtful to his people ; he will not wrong any creature, much lefs his fern wants. The Lord (ill may fo fpeak) is onlyweak about thofè .things, which,.. proceed from weaknefs, "'There are tome things which he hath no flrength to do bccáttfe to do them ar- sties a want of' flrength : he cannot deny himfelf, he cannot lye, he cannot do any evil , he cannot .fan. Tfe things im- port