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Chap. 9. An Expofition upon the Book of J O 13. Verf. 4. would go toWorms,though the tiles upon every houfe in that Ci- ty were matcht with a like number of Devils, ready to whit him and the truth of Chrift. But ufually hardening is taken in an ill. fenfe : and fo to harden the fpirit, noteth, Firft, A refolving to fin, what foever God faith or doth. To fin efiDeum ror e1! l:eum la_ againft the word and works of God, that's hardning ofthe heart guenrem nolle againft God : when a mau will go on in his way, though a threat audlre,contem. be founding in his ears, and a judgement appear terribly couragious in wickednefs. b,tore nere,Per 2'.'a` nee his eyes ; fuch a man is hardened indeed, he is grown valiant and cites refllere, verbrb fubu ofubücere Secondly, A man hardens himfelfagaintt God, when he fpeaks veils Par. in íioutly againft God : the hardnefs of the heart appears in the Heb.cs.v. s.. tongue( Ma1.3.i3.)Tour words have beenffout againft me. Stout words are align ofttout fpirits. Our language is ufually the image ofour minds. So the wordsof the teat is ufi:d ( 2Sam. t 9. 43.) The words ofthemen ofJudah werefiercer then the wordsof the men ofIfrael : Their words were harder then the words ofthemen of .Ifrael; they fpake more refolutely and manly. When a man Pets himfelf to fpeakboldly againft God, the wayes or the works of God, he hardens himfelfagainft God fearfully. Thirdly, We harden our felves againft God when°we are di- fpleafed with what God Both; That man makes a bold adventure, who dares pafs but an unpleaung thought againft the wayes or works of God. Fourthly, Not to befatisfied with what God doth, is a degree of hardening our felves againft God : difcontents and unquiet- neíTes upon ourfpirits are oppofitions. Fiftly, Not to give God glory in what he Both, bath fomewbae in it of hardening our felves againft God. And laftly, He that will not give God glory in what he corn.. wands, is in a, degree hardned againft God. Wemay fee what it is to harden our felves againft God by theoppofite ofit(Pro.28.04. ) Bleffed is the man thatfeareth alwayes; but he that bardeneth hin??elf' "saltfall into rrtifchief. Hardnefs is contrary toholy fear; holy fear is a difpoftionofheart ready to yeeld toGod inevery thing:Antan thus fearing,quickly takes impreflions of the wordwill and works of God, and therefore whofoever doth not comply with God in holy fubmiffion to his will, hardens himfelf in part againft God. That which is here chiefly meant is,the groffer atof hard,icfs, when men either fpeak or go on in their way wingagainítGecklet Y him