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16 2 Chap. 9. An Expofition upon the Bookof J qB. Vert. 4, him fay what he will,his word flops them not;òr do what he Will, his works flop them not.They are like the adamant,thehammer of the word makesnD impreffion upon hard hearts, but recoyls'back again upon hint that firikes with it. More difiinfly; this is either a fenlìble hardnefs ofheart, of whiéh the church complains ( Ifa. 63. t 5.) Wherifore haft thou hardned our hearts ? &c. or an ínfenfi- bic hardnefs, which in fome arifes from ignorance,in others from malice and obfiinac' . }urthcr, We read of Gods hardening mans heart, and fome- time ofmans hardning his own heart. There is athreefold hard- nefs of heart.. Firil, Natural 1, which is the common flock ofall men ; we re- ceive the íloneofa hard heart by defcent;every man comes into the world hardened againft God. Secondly,' There is an acquired hardnefs of heart. Men harden themfelves, and .add to their former hardnefs. He ftretcheth out his bandagainft God, and ftrengtheneth himfelfagainft the Al- mighty, Job 15. 2,5. There is a growth in fin, as well ai a growth in grace, many as make hardnefs more habituall ( 2 Chron. 36.13. ) Heftifened his neck, and hardned his heart from turn- ing unto the Lord. I know thy rebellion, and thy fluff neck, Dcut.3 r,27. Thirdly, There is a judiciary hardnefs of heart, an heard heart infiiCied by God, as a Judge. When men will harden their hearts againft God,he agrees it, their hearts shall be hard, he will takea- way all the means which should foften and moillen them, he wilt . not give them any help to make them pliable tohis will,or"he will. not bleffe it to them. He will fpeak to his profits, and they fhail make their hearts fat ( that is, fenileffe) and their ears heavy,that is, heedleffeunder all they fpeak, Thus alfo God hard- ned the heart of Pharoah andof the .Egyptians by the minifiryof Hofès and Aaron. So then we having hardnefs of heart by nature,do by cuflome acquire a further hardnefs,and theLord in wrath inflefteth hard- nefs,then the firmer is pertinacious in finning.All thefeput toge -- thor makehim irrecoverably finfuil, His neckis an iron fnew,and bis brow brafs, Ifa.4.8.q.; ObErve,firfl,There it an aelive hardnefs ofheart, or man hardens bis. own 'recant. Exod. 5. We read of Pharaoh hardninghis heart, - before.. the Lord ,hardened it ; Who is the Lord (faith he) that d fhould