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Chap.9. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf.4. 165 The third fiep is, cufiome in finning. It argues great boldnefs to venture often. One faid of him that had escaped danger at fea, 'ímprobd Nap. Ifyou go again, you have noreafon to complain, though you be tunumacrufar, wrack'd. Mariners are fearfull of (forms at fìrfi, but through eu- uá ¡tenon fiome they play with them. When a man comes off once fate from f fear, fin, he will venture again, and fo often, till at lalt he thinks there is fcarce any venture at all in fin. He grows bold and hardy. By the fourth fiep of hardnefs he comes to defend and maintain his fin. He hath fpoken fo long in his heart againfi the word, which forbiddeth him to fin,that nowhe coin (peak againfi itwith his tongue. He bath a plea or an argument tomake the evil he dothgood. He appears a Patron,an Advocate for fin,who was be- fore but a praf;tifer of it. Fifthly,The hard heart grows angry and pallionate with thole, whogive advice again({ fin; he is refòlved;and a man that is refol- ved in his way,is angry ifhe be defired to remove.out of his way : He that refolveth to fleep, loves not to beawakened. A touch or a jog from him that fits by, provokes him, he prayes to be let a- lone. We should love tie man while we hateand,reprove, his fin. But he that loves his fin will hate his+reprovers. Sixthly, Hard hearts grow too hard, for the Word, they are Sermonproof, they can fit under the Preacher,and heare from day to day,but nothing touches them. A man in armour feels not the firoke of (word, much lelle the finart ofa rod. This hardnefs ofheart is a heel armour to the heart, it makes the man pas feel ing till he bepáfi healing. Some being often reproved harden their. hearts( Prov. 29. I. ) till their hearts are too hard for all 're proofes. And then feventhly, The heart is fo hard that the (word of afiaiondoth not pierce it, the man is judgmentproof : let God: firike him in his perfon oreftate, let Goof let the world a Fire a- bout his ears, yet ongoes he. He is like the man ofwhom Shcoinon fpeaks, ( Pray. 23 34..) wholies fleeping in a florin upon the top of a mall. Eightly,the hard heart fits down in the chair,ofthe (corner; he. derides the Word, and mocks at the judgemeurs ofGod. Whe;. Lot fpake tohis Ions in law about fire and brimïfone,rea.dy to tale uponSodome and confume it, the text faith, 1-`z mocked unto hisfanner in Law ? what, tell us of fu¿gfner ts .' of fart. e fcending