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164 Chap. 9. An Expofition upon the Book,ofJ OB. Vero q.. Fourthly, Hardnefs ofheart in finning is contracted from the multitude of thofe who fin. They think none thall fuller for that which fo many doe. The Lawof Mofes Paid, Thoufhalt not follow the multitude to do evil( Exod.23.2.) There is a fpecial re- üraint upon it, becaufe man is fo eafily led by many. The heart is ready to flatter it felfinto an opinion, thatGod will not be very- angry,when a practice is grown common: this is the courte of the world, this is the way of moll men ; therefore furely no great danger in ir. And examples harden chiefly upon three confide- rations. !.g0 hamuncio FirR, Ifgreat ones go that way.The Heathen brings in a young T"f`eY07"' er' man, who hearing of the adulteries and wickedneffes of thegods; Paid, what ? Doe they fo, and (hall Iflick at it ? Secondly, If tome wife and learned mengo that way; ignorant and unlearned men conclude they may. Thirdly, If any godly men, Inch as make more then ordinary profeffion,doe Inch things, then who maynot ? Thefailings ofthe Saints are a countenance to wicked merlin their follies. They are apt to follow the dark fide of the cloud, and to approve thofe in what they doe ill, whom theyfeorn in what they doe weil. They imitate their falls and fins, whofe repentance they never think of imitating. How many harden their hearts by their doing what is evil, whole hearts have been broken, becaufe they did evil) From the fin which a holy man commits againft hispurpofe and refolu- lion, many purpofe and refolve to commit it. Upon there and the like grounds, the heart ofman is hardened againti God. Take a briefofthe degrees of this hardnefs; fee by what Reps the heart rifes fo high in finning. Mandoth not grow hard at once,much lefs hardeft.But when once he begins to hard- en himf, lf, where he [hall make an end he knows not. The fill Rep is, the taking timeand leave tomeditate upon fn,, and roll it up anddown in the thoughts. Allard heart lets vain thoughts dwell in it. A holy heart would not let them lodge with it. A fecond Rep is, Come talles ofpleafure and delight in fin. it proves a tweet morfell under his tongue. As the heart growsmore delighted in fin, fo more hardened in lin. Nothing thould be fo bitter as fin in the ad, for nothing will be fcbitter as fin in iffue but when the aGt it pleafant ,, the ifiue is feldome fu CpeCtede, The