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8 Chap. 9. An Expofition upon the Boot ofJ OB. Verf. 4. profper by hardening himfelf immadiatly againft God ? IfEma- nuel will not let any profper aga-iirfl his people, certainly he will not let any profperagaintt himfelf. Therefore (Prov. 28. 24. ) Solomon layes it down diredly, He that hardened) big heartfhallfall into mifchief; and (Prov.29. t.) Hefhall be deJtroyed,and that with- out remedy ; there is no help for it, all the world cannot fave him. A heard hartis itfelf the fore({ ofall judgements, and it brings all judgements upon us. A hardheart treafureth up wrath againftthhe day ofivrath(Rom,2.5.)As a hard heart is Satans treafary for fin , fo it it Gods treafuryfor wrath. The walls ofthat fiery Tophet are built up with thefe hones, with their hard hearts,who turn them- felves into hones again({ the Lord. Then take heedof hardning your felvesagain(' God.Youknow the counfell which 6amaliel gave,Ael 5.39.Refrainfrom theftmen, and let them alone, &c. ( See how trembling he fpeaks) lefiyou be found evert to fight againji.God; as if he had Paid, take heed what you doe,it:is themoll dreadfull thing in theworld to contend with God ; he fpeaks as ofa thing he would not have them come near, or be in the remote({ tendency to. Man willnot meddle with a mortali man,if he be too hard for him : how thould we tremble tQ meddle or contend with the immortali God ! Chritt, Luk 14. warning his Difciples to confider before-hand what it is to be his elitcipler,gives them an inftance of aKing: What King( faith he ) going to make war againfi another King, fitteth not downfirft and confulteth, whether he be able with ten thoufand, tomeet him that a;meth againft him with twenty thoufand?Now, I fayto you (ifany Lich be here) that have hearts f'eel'd or harden'd again(' God, who challenge God the field, and fend defiance to heaven, O fit awn ,fit down, confider whether you with your ten thoufandare able tomeet God with his twenty thoufand,that's great odds,half in half; but.eonfider whether one tingle, limple man,can hand a- gainft his twenty thoufand ; whether a man of no ftrength can ltand againtl infinite fcrength; whether you who have no wifdom, are able to fraud again({ him that is ofinfinite wifdom. Can igno- rance contend withknowledge,folly with wifdom,weaknefs with ilrength, an earthen veffel with an iron rod ? O the boldnefs and madnefs ofinen,who will hazard themfeives upon fueh difadvan- -- tages. He it wife in heart, andmighty in power; whobath hardened himfelfagain jt him, andbath profpered ?' Andas God is fo powerful! that no wicked man in the world can