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Chap. 9. An Expofrtion upon the Book of J O B. 5re,rf 171 or the minor is proved in the 5,6,7,8,and g.verfes, by fo many in- fiances. Here then is an evident demonftration of the power of. God from vifible things, fromaas apparent to the eye ; as if he had faid,Ifyou have not faith to beleive that Gods infinite. in power, letyourfenfes teach ityou, for he removeth mountains,and t hey know it not,Me overturneth them in his anger,&c. He removeth mountains. PrIV That's the firft inftance.The word which we tranflatc to remove Se,lelere; quia lignifies to wax old and ftrong,becaufe things as they grow in age quæfie invete -, grow in hrength. There is a declining age, and an entreating age. ron orars- Things veryold impair , and things growing older encreafe in cum tertkorefo llrength, wehave the word in that fenfe (Job 21. 2.) Wherefore lentevadere, do the wickedbecome old?yea, they are mighty inpower he put teth ideo idemver- thefe two together, growing old andmighty in power. The Se- bum Ñriffìrat ptuagint render, who maketh the mountains waxold, , becaufe,that r0J°r'r'' o «Aaírvóptt. whichwaxeth oldis ready to vanifh away (Heb. 3,. 13.) or to be re- sett. moved-and takenaway, as the Ceremonial Law was, ofwhich the Apoftle (peaks in that place. And becaufe growing old impliesa kind'of motion, therefore the word alfo lignifies motion, even local motion, a moving from or out ofa place, Gen. 12.4. Abraham departed, he removed from the place where lie was. This locali motion is either natural or violent : of this latter underhand the Text, Which removeth the mountains. Themountains. There are natural mountains, and metaphorical or figurative mountains : it is an aCt of the mighty power ofGod to remove either. Some underhand this of metaphorical or figurative mountains, and fo mountainsare great men, men ofeminency or of pre-emi- nency, the Kingsand Princes ofthe world. The Chaldee is ex- Chaideut pet prefs for this fenfe, He removeth Kings, who are as f gong andbigio nto.tes intetló- as mountains.For as God hath ordered the fuperficies ofthe earth, gitreger,qui. and made force parts of it plain, others mountainous, -force val- ixomovet leys and force hills. So he hath difpofed ofinen , force men hand k,t 'iáon `ses, as upon level ground, men ofan ordinary condition ; othersu u as the low vallies,men of a poor condition s others are as the high mountains over-topping and over- looking the real. The word is Z2 tired