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170 Chap. 9. An Expofition upon the Bookon OB. Verf. 5. J o B, Chap. 9. Verf. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Io. which removeth the wountains;and they knownot: which overturneth them in his anger. Which fhaketh the earth out of her place, andthe pillars thereof tremble. which commandeth thesun,and it rifeth not: ándfealeth up the Stars: IL hich alonefpreadeth out the heavens, and treadeth upon the waves,of the Sea. _ Whichmal¿eth Arcc#urus,Orion andPleiades, and the cham- bers ofthe South. Which doth great things pail finding out, yea and won- ders without number. ® ]s having in general alferted the power and wifdome of God (he mutthave infinite power and wifdom;againft whom no man ever prospered by contending.) Having I fay alerted this-inge. neral,he defcends to make a particular proof ofir,as ifhe had faid, I will not only give you this argument, that God is mighty in . ftrength, becaute no man could ever harden his heart againft him and prosper, he bath foyl'd all that ever medled with him but betides, I will give you particular inttances of it, and you that] fee that the Lord bathdone fuch` things, as (peak him mighty in itrength, and prove him, as powerful, as I have :reported him.' Thelè particularsare reported, in the 5,6,7,8,9.verfes, all doled with a triumphant Elogy in the tenth,Which dothgreat thingspafi, ù8iirit saki finding out;yea,andwonders without number. ronfîrmotrob TheArgument may be thus formed ; prósimdprtce.. He is infinite in power andwifdome, who removeth moun- dentiartogir tains, andshapes the earth, who commands the Sun, who mi abeffeHis spreads out the heavens, and diffioferh of the Stars in the tenti fapi firmament. cntie F ei,qua amptima But theLord doth all thefe thengs,he removeth mountains, ora- tions defcribit< he 'hakes the earth, he commajtdeth the Sun, &c. Merl, Therefore he is mighty inpower, and infinite in wifdome. The firfl part ofhis argument is here implied: The affumption, or