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Chap. 8. An Expefïtion upon the Book, of J Q B. Verf. 3. wind,a rufhing wind,implying that words fpoken,by thofe tongues fhouldbe as a mighty rufhing wind,and like that wind, which fil- led all the houle where theyfate, fhould fill the world, even all Nations with the found of the Gofpel;that,like a firong.wind they fhould boar down the errours,frns and lufis of men before them,& like a wholfome wind,purge and winnow outall the filthinefs and uncleanriefs, the chaff and duff ofmens fpirits. By cloven tongues and a rufhing wind, wonders have been wrought in the world. Ar thofe unruly talkers (tit. i. II.) fubverted, fo thofe who tali¡ by rule, have converted wkole houfef ; the wind of words blows both good and evil to the world ; and we may as much encourage holy tongues. Let your words be long and long, a ftrong wind; as check a vain talker in the language ofLBildad, How long fhall thy words be jtrotg wind ? Fromthis general reproof, Bildad,defcends to a fpecial chargé againa ob. Vef. 3. Doti) God, pervert judgement ? or doth the Almightypervert r )47,cí xpi, juflice ? t`"wd njifflè aget As if he had laid, Job, thou "hajffpok.en words,which like a ftrong ju- &cans. sept. windpervert all things , and turn them up-fide down. But,. Doti) 'Thefts lfl di- God pervert ? Doth he turn things up-fide down. This blafphemy c ndorum. is the interpretation of many of thy.complaints. Thoufeemeft to lay this of perfon upon God. But (with indignation Ifpeakit) dotb God. perve¡t judgament ? The ueflion is refolvable into a vehement negation, God dot!) not pervert judgement,neither,doth the Almighty pervert juftice. He gives it with a queflion for greater emphafis, Doth God pervert judgement ? Dort thou think he will ? Far be it from thee to think fo; injuflice lies far from the heart of God, juftice lies at his heart, Ho lovethjudgement, Pfal.37. 28. To clear the Text, I ¡hall briefly touch upon the tingle terms; x.: god. 2. Almighty. 3. yudgement. 4. Jujiice : And then thew what it is to pervert judgement and juflíce;from all it will appear, how extreamly oppofrteit is to the very nature of God to pervert either.. FoO PO' Doth God] The word is, El, fgnifying the ftrong God, the arms` mighty God, thepowerful God. In the fccond claufe; Path the Al- mighty pervert juJtice ? We have the word, Shaddai, which name ofGod was largely opened at the fevetltgepth verfè of the fifth . Chapter.